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Work at Home Paycheck Scam Review

Work at Home Paycheck, or wah paycheck is one of the sites in the notorious work-at-home link posting scam series. Jessica Marshall, the alleged single mom and multi-millionaire is featured in the scam and claims that she made million from Work at Home Paycheck scam / wah paycheck scam. Don’t be fooled.

wah paycheck scamName: Work at Home Paycheck
Website: wahpaycheck.com
Owner: Jessica Marshall
Price: $97.00

Legitimate? NO, IT’S A SCAM
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Work at Home Paycheck Review


wah paycheck scam

No credit card required? We’ll see about that.

Work at Home Paycheck scam, or simply known as wah paycheck scam is just one of the sites in a series of link-posting scam sites we’ve reviewed before, such as Work at Home Institute and Work at Home University by Bobbie Robinson, Work at Home Cash by Melissa Mayer, as well as Learn How to Academy by Tony Anderson.

However, contrary to the rest of the scam sites, Jessica Marshall’s wah paycheck scam site layout is slightly different, but the underlying scam is the same. Let’s take a look at the red flags you can find in this website.

Red Flags within Work at Home Paycheck


There are a few typical scam red flags you should look out for when you navigate around wah paycheck website.

Firstly, Work at Home Paycheck claims that the form in their homepage is used to “check availability” of the program in your area. But if you examine the website address of the homepage, it’s at http://wahpaycheck.com/F0009/step1. If you change the website address to http://wahpaycheck.com/F0009/step2, you can easily bypass the form and reach their “member’s area”.

What does it mean? It means that there is no checking done at all. There is no limited slots in each area, and the form is just there to collect your email address and to send you spam emails, promoting more scams opportunities to you.

See how they picked up my VPN location and displayed Ontario in the homepage? This can be easily achieved through a geolocation script.

Forced to Listen Through Their Sales Pitches and False Hypes


wah paycheck scam

When you get to the second page, it’s only the real start of their sales pitches and brainwash session. There is no way to proceed until you finish Jessica Marshall’s sales video, which drags for more than 10 minutes. And you can’t fast forward it.

In the video, Jessica explained how she was broke and had no money to support her child, until she found the golden opportunity of posting links from home. This opportunity made her a millionaire and now you can try it for free too.

Between her sales pitches, she tries to brainwash you into thinking that there are easy money to be earned online. While there are indeed money to be made, it is definitely not through Work at Home Paycheck scam.

Jessica Marshall is a fictional character, and the lady in the video is just a paid actress to sell wah paycheck.

Unrealistic Business Model


Jessica claims that there are a lot of companies out there desperate for people to post links from home. Can you believe it? You are paid $15 for every link you post for them, and Work at Home Paycheck will provide you the required training to do just that.

This is how Work at Home Paycheck works:

  1. Wah Paycheck provides you step-by-step training that shows you exactly how to make a website and post the links
  2. You place the links to products of big companies in your website
  3. Big companies pay you $15 per link posted
  4. You use your back office to deposit money into your bank account

It may sound legitimate and incredibly simple when you first hear about it, but there are some large gaping holes that Work at Home Paycheck fails to address:

Number one: Who will visit your website?

You create a website with wah paycheck to post your links, but who will visit your website? Getting the website ranked with SEO is one thing, but if you don’t provide value, no one will buy from you.

And if you really want to setup a website to make money, you don’t have to pay shady websites like wah paycheck.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the legitimate way and you can get started for free.

Number two: Why would big companies pay you money?

Wah paycheck claims that you can get big companies to pay you $15 for every link you post, but think about it: why would they pay you just for posting links? You are not generating revenue for them until you successfully help them sell their products.

Unless you get people to buy from your links, you won’t get any money. Wah paycheck is just lying to you when they claim you earn $15 per link posted.

Work at Home Paycheck Costs Money After All


wah paycheck scam

Fake countdown timer in Work at Home Paycheck

When you finally make it to the end of Jessica’s sales pitches, you are presented with a countdown timer and you have to secure the chance quickly, or your spot is gone forever.

To make sure it’s true, I let the timer run out, and waited for a while more. Turns out the timer is fake, and the $300 rebate is still there, so I proceeded to the next page.

wah paycheck scamDespite claiming that no credit card is required (refer to first image), wah paycheck is going to cost you money after all.

After feeding you with lies and false promises, wah paycheck scam is ready to earn your money.

For those who have bought into the hypes and is ready to make an impulse purchase, $97 seems like a steal to change your life forever.

Please do yourself a favor – don’t fall into the scam and, and definitely don’t buy Work at Home Paycheck. You won’t see your money back.

Should I Buy Work at Home Paycheck?


The answer is pretty clear, the final verdict is NO, THIS IS A SCAM!

Most victims fall prey to scams simply because they don’t know there are better alternatives out there.

If you are determined to make money online, you must use a legitimate program that will provide you proper trainings and help you build your own business. We have tried out many programs, and there is only one program we recommend to our readers:

Read Our Review of the Most Recommended Internet Business Opportunity Here.


Have you encountered any scams before? Personally I’ve fallen for a few before coming across the legitimate one, so let us know in the comments below if you have any personal experience to share!


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  1. Kay Ward

    8-27-2016**** I want my $97.00 money back. Or I will call the BBB.
    8-27-16*** I’ve got more phone #’s to call: 888-976-5114, 888-224-9788, Also our ‘start up specialist’ was Patrick Murphy. (855-622-4060 xt 126) or 844-413-2723. Anyone reading this, join with me to get our money back. kay2you1@hotmail.com

  2. Kay Ward

    8-27-2016 ******** I want my money back too. I will write the BBB. The scammers should be ashamed. They owe me $97.00.

  3. Well i fell for it. But i going to annoy the shit out of them. If i cant get my money back they are going to be called at 8662030964 and billing who by the way is always busy 8558368926 until they block me.

  4. I hope that I can make money for me and my family

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