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Wealthy Affiliate Review – Real Way to Make Money Online

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wealthy affiliate

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: WealthyAffiliate.com
Owner: Kyle and Carson
Price: $0 Starter Membership
Price: $49/month Premium Membership (Optional)

wealthy affiliate homepageLearn the proper way to make money online with Wealthy Affiliate training.

Here’s my most recommended way to make money online. I’ve tried out more than a dozen (literally) online opportunities in my own quest to financial freedom, and Wealthy Affiliate is the best I’ve come across yet.

I’ve noticed a recurring theme among all the scams – hypes and more hypes. Most of them promise to make you money with little to no effort at all. The reality is, I lost money with every single one of them.

I learned the hard way that there’s no free lunch in this world. 1.5 years of constant searching and trying, and $15,000 down the drain. That’s until I came across Wealthy Affiliate, the turning point in which I really started making money online.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the rare legitimate online opportunities, and it’s free to get started too (this time for real). If you’re still looking for a way to make money online, this may very well be a turning point for you, too.

Table of Contents:

  1. My Results With WA
  2. Intro to WA University
  3. WA Review
    1. Training and Tools
    2. WA Bootcamp
    3. Pricing
    4. Verdict – Pros and Cons


My Results With Wealthy Affiliate



I started to see good results 5 months after I joined Wealthy Affiliate, and it keeps getting better (individual results vary)

wealthy affiliate results 11 months

Update: Results after 11 months with Wealthy Affiliate.

amazon affiliate income

Results with Amazon after joining Amazon Associates for 3 months

As I said earlier, I’ve been trying all sorts of business opportunities online before I came across Wealthy Affiliate – including paid advertising for affiliate products, binary options, Forex trading, social trading, and multi-level-marketing. Not to mention falling prey to a few scams along the way.

Unfortunately, I lost much more money than I made in these previous endeavors.

Soon I realized that I did not approach online opportunities the correct way. I thought I could get rich quick online, buying into all the hypes that people pitched at me. It simply didn’t work that way.

I began following the trainings and modules of Wealthy Affiliate religiously, and learned the proper way to build a business online. I changed my mindset and aimed for the long term potential. I stopped fixating on the immediate profits and focused on what I have learned instead.

I did not make a single cent for the first 2 months, and only saw my first $100 revenue on the 4th month. On the 5th month, I reached my first milestone of $500/mth and by 7th month, I broke past my $1000/mth target.

All I was doing was to apply what I’ve learned in Wealthy Affiliate, tweaked my website, and learned some more. I gained satisfaction in the new skills I now command, and best of all these skills can be used over and over again to enter new niches.

I can keep rambling on, but it’s not the main purpose of this article. I just wanted to let you know that there is indeed money to be made online, but not without some dedication and effort.

While most other online training programs require that you pay first, Wealthy Affiliate works in the opposite way – you can sign up for a free starter membership (without requiring a credit card number) and learn for free.

You can opt for premium membership right away, but I recommend that you sign up for a free starter membership first and see if you like the lessons.

If you find that the trainings are useful and help you achieve results, you can then upgrade to Premium membership to learn more advanced techniques.

Get Free Access to Wealthy Affiliate Training

Note: Look out for a welcome message from me in WA and I’ll guide you along to help you achieve results faster.


Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate University


wealthy affiliate review

Start your own profitable website for free, complete with step-by-step guide.

The main obstacles that prevent many people from starting their own online business are their lack of:

  1. Technical knowledge
  2. Starting capital
  3. Ideas and products

Wealthy Affiliate University provides an answer to these obstacles by providing online business education in the field of affiliate marketing. This enables anyone to start an online business from scratch with zero capital and no products, while learning on the go.

Based on my experience from multiple programs and courses, Wealthy Affiliate provides one of the best online education platform you can get to kick start your online business:

  1. Free Getting Started Training for complete newbies
  2. Video training, tutorials, classroom training and new courses
  3. 100,000’s of helpful community members with live and interactive chat
  4. 13+ full and interactive classrooms
  5. Two free websites + secure hosting (having a personal website is the basis of an online business)
  6. Learn as you build your business, which means you can implement new techniques to your website immediately after each tutorial.

The free starter membership provides 10 lessons, and it is already sufficient to get your online business up and running. This is a big plus as there is simply no other programs out there that offer zero cost and zero risk to the users in this industry.

I have purchased my fair share of online business training programs, and I’m not proud to admit that I’ve fallen for outright scams a few times. When it comes to finding a legitimate way to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate will always have a spot in my recommendation list.

From my research of multiple online opportunities, I was often presented with hypes that promise great fortunes, with relatively no effort at all. On top of that, these programs always made me feel like I have to purchase it right away, or I’ll miss out the golden opportunity of a lifetime.

This is a big red flag for online scams. A real program never ask you to pay any money upfront, because there is nothing to hide. You can check them out for free, and decide if you want to continue to use them, instead of paying first and find a big disappointment.

After all, if a program delivers its promises and provides tons of value, you wouldn’t even think twice about paying for it.

So when it comes to choosing a make money online program, you should

  1. Try the program first, without paying upfront.
  2. Make the decision if it’s right for you.


Wealthy Affiliate Review


Wealthy Affiliate

Members helping one another in Wealthy Affiliate classrooms.

Now that I’ve done the 2 steps above, I want to write a review to help folks better understand what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

The highlight of Wealthy Affiliate is the simple and high quality training modules, coupled with an extremely helpful community that helps one another. It is more like a service and a community than a product, where like-minded entrepreneurs come together and learn from each other.

It is also a give-and-take platform where you can provide feedback to the other members of the community and likewise, receive help from the 100,000 strong community members in improving your website and your business.

From my personal experience, you can almost always get answers to your questions within minutes thanks to the live chat feature and the active community, even in the middle of the night. The co-founders, Kyle and Carson are also very active within the community and often provide new training to help online businesses roll in the right direction.


Training and Tools



Your first lessons to get your website rolling

The trainings in Wealthy Affiliate are comprehensive, organized and current with the latest trend of online businesses. There is training for all levels of expertise, including trainings for the most advanced marketer. Whether you are a complete newbie or a successful businessman looking to expand your online presence, there are trainings available.

What I really like is that the tools and services in Wealthy Affiliate offer you ALL the necessary resources to accomplish your research, content and website building/hosting. Tools and services available include:

  1. Keyword Research Tool to help with Google ranking
  2. WordPress Express (3 click website builder)
  3. Over 2,400 website templates to build your beautiful website
  4. Secure Hosting for 2 websites (Starter members)
  5. State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium members)
  6. Ability to add over 30,000 different features/plugins to your website


What if I Don’t Know What Kind of Website to Create?


wealthy affiliate review

Don’t have a niche? Try WA Affiliate Bootcamp!

If you have no idea what kind of business and website you want to create, worry not. You will be given 2 options when you go through the trainings – either to follow your own passion or you can build your business from a “predefined” topic.

If you have your own passion, such as baking, gardening, candle making or even building sheds, that is excellent. This is your “niche”, something you are interested in and willing to spend time on. You can create a profitable online business around any niche without creating products of your own, and there is no niche that is too small.

However, if you have no particular passion or a niche, that is fine too. Wealthy Affiliate has a predefined affiliate bootcamp that walks you through from scratch, starting from the bare bones of your website all the way to a making money through WA affiliate programs.




wealthy affiliate pricing table

Starter Membership – $0

Note: Not applicable to the following countries –
Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Kenya.

Starter membership is completely free, and you can get started online anytime as long as you have internet connection. The co-founders, Kyle and Carson stand by their training programs and they want us to experience it for free and get a feel of it. It comes with 2 free websites with hosting, and you get instant access to the starter membership training, video tutorials and lessons.

You’ll gain Premium access for free during the first 7 days. Although you have the option to become Premium (paid) member anytime, there is absolutely no obligations and you can stay as a free member forever and keep your websites + hosting service.


Premium Membership – $49/month, $359/year (36% savings)

As a premium member, you will be entitled to unlimited hosting for up to 50 websites with state of the art hosting service. You also get to unlock some premium features, such as hosting a fully personalized domain, advanced trainings, webinars and tools that provides you literally everything you will ever need to succeed online. I went premium and never looked back.

If you decide to become a premium member within the first 7 days, you enjoy a 59% discount for your first month ($19 for the first month membership).

My advice is to try the Starter Membership and see if you enjoy what you learn. I want you to be fully informed and feel right about making your decision.

But I want you to promise me this – dedicate yourself to finish the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course to understand the long-term potential of owning a profitable website.

If you like what you learn, I highly recommend that you upgrade to Premium Membership to learn advanced techniques and to ensure your long term success.

Personally, upgrading to Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership was the best financial decision I’ve made in my life. It paid me back multiple folds and continues to give dividends every month.


My Verdict on Wealthy Affiliate



  • No cost and no risk to join (with no obligation to upgrade)
  • Gives you 2 free websites
  • Free hosting
  • Free step-by-step Online Entrepreneur Certification Course
  • Built-in Keyword Tool
  • Extremely helpful community and beginner friendly
  • Provides all kinds and levels of internet marketing trainings
  • Access to top level marketers and entrepreneurs within the community
  • 24-7 online chats to solve your problems quickly
  • Completely legitimate, no hidden costs and up-sells


  • Possible information overload for beginners. I recommend that you follow the lessons step by step and don’t jump between the lessons, as there are quite a bit to learn if you are a complete beginner


Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick program, and rightly so. The starter membership gives you premium access for 7 days without asking for your credit card number, which I think is a fair deal.

And if you sign up for the premium membership, you only pay a flat membership fees ($49/mth, or $29.90/mth if you decide to go yearly). There’s no hidden costs and upsells like many other programs, which means every tool and training you’ll ever need for your online business is included.

Any program that charges you an exorbitant amount of money and promises you quick riches with little to no effort is a downright scam, don’t buy into those kind of programs.

There’s no hype surrounding Wealthy Affiliate. As with any legitimate business, you will need to put in effort and time into your own website, and build it into a profitable business over time. Treat is as a business and you will get a long term asset that is invaluable to achieving financial freedom.

You can click on the button below to sign up for a free starter account. All you need to do is to set up your account, select a profile picture and write a short description of yourself to get started.

Get Your Starter Membership Now


Unlock the Financial Freedom Secret


Investing In Mutual Funds for Beginners


  1. Sol

    I read the article all through, including the comments, and I must say I’m really satisfied.

    I registered as a free member since late 2017 but I didn’t know the benefit of WA back then. I’ve read an ebook on affiliate marketing by Harsh Agrawal of shoutmeloud.comand it really got my hopes up and after reading your article about WA then I must I’m fully ready now to start my own blogging business, that I will finally escape from the rat race. So far you can make it in 5 months, I’m very sure I will make in a year.

    My question:
    I have a domain registered with godaddy, can I be able to use it on WA?

    I like your website, it’s well optimised and as well, friendly. If you don’t mind, I would love to know your age. Over here, I’m 23.


    • Hi Sol,
      You can direct the name servers and transfer hosting to WA if you are a premium member.
      I’m 29 this year, I wish I started way back when I was 23!
      All the best to you!

  2. Joseph

    yes I think that this is a good method

  3. James

    Thanks for the detailed review and I’m glad that you have achieved great results with it. Really gives me confidence because I’ve tried many things online but none have worked.

    I saw that you have included results from Amazon, how does Wealthy Affiliate help you make money from Amazon?

    • Hey James, thanks for dropping by.

      The Amazon results are from 1 one my Amazon niche sites, which I have built using what I learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

      I’ve also written a guide on how to build one yourself – How to Make Money Online With Niche Sites.

      • Ashley

        How is this different from doing paid advertising for affiliate products

        • This is using organic traffic – i.e. building a website and getting traffic from Google search. This is different from paid advertising where you pay to get ranked on Google.

          Even though paid advertising is much faster to get you ranked in Google results, you are paying for every click. Ranking a website takes time, but the traffic you’ll be getting is free.

      • Sharon Ravare

        How you doing I still haven’t heard anybody making any money off of this program. They talked about how good the program is but no one said they made any money off of it.

        • Hey Sharon,

          I’m doing pretty well considering one of my new Amazon niche sites finally starting to take off. There are success stories especially within the community of WA.

          Here’s some of them:
          Success story 1
          Success story 2
          Success story 3

          Some of them are sharing their strategy in details, it’s worth a read.

  4. Abdulla

    You pretty much broke down everything about Wealthy Affiliate. I recognize a lot of those people in your review and have gotten help from quite a few of them. Everybody in the community seems willing to help. Love the way Kyle explains everything in the lessons in such detail as well. I feel lucky to have found WA. I knew nothing about building websites before joining and now I am helping others who have questions. Love it!

  5. Mark Lawton

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks very much for your very illuminating reviews on your site, I was close to getting involved with MOBE, you saved the day!

    I have a question for you; I was once a premium member of WA, it’s possibly 3/4 years ago, I came and went so to speak, I was possibly still being attracted to shiny objects and thought something else at the time was easier than putting the graft in! So I left unfortunately, my question is this; if someone works hard and creates maybe a couple of sites dedicated to one niche or even 1 site, should you want to obtain your own hosting, can you move the site you have currently hosted with WA to your own hosting?

    Would you mind emailing me a response to this question also, I have another question that I will not post here, I would email you privately.

    All the best.

    • Hey Mark, feel free to email me for the other question.

      As hosting part, you can move your websites out of WA to other hosting companies that you like within 30 days of stopping your premium membership. So let’s say you purchased the premium membership and your own domains, and at some point you decide to move out of WA, you can change the DNS and hosting to the new company. As of now I still find WA provide decent hosting and useful webinars at a cheap price compared to other companies, so I’m staying put.

      I’d recommend that you focus on 1 niche site instead of multiple sites in the same niche, though. Nowadays you need quality content to rank, and thin affiliate sites aren’t so easy to rank anymore compared to years back. It’s better to put together your effort and resources in 1 good site.

  6. Great post… Very helpful

  7. Caleb Suji

    I am in Kenya, but from your article I see that the free account is not available for Kenyans. Does it mean I have to go directly to premium?

  8. isaac

    hi edward,how can i connect from Nigeria?

  9. diana

    hi Edward..
    first of all sorry for my broken English. :). I am from Malaysia too. is that rude if i ask you, do you speak Malay?

    i will talk in Malay first, if you dnt understand then i will chat you again in English.

    sy mau join ne program, tp tempat tinggal sy ada masalah internet. sgt2 slow. untuk sesi pembelajaran progam WA ne kn perlu melalui online. jd, bila mereka ne mengajar. i mean the time they are teaching. is that siang or malam? sbb klau siang, sy ada d pejabat jd line ada okay sikit. tp klau malam sy mmg stay d rumah shja. line internet drumah xbrapa bagus.

    i need your advise sbb sy btl2 berminat dgn program ne. 🙂

    • Hi Diana,

      No worries, I do understand Malay but I’m not very well-versed, but to answer your question – the lessons included in WA are all recorded online, meaning you can learn it at your own pace and don’t have to worry about the timing.

      With the exception of live webinars that WA provide, but you can still watch the recorded versions after that.

  10. David

    Hi Edward, what is this WA about ? How does it work(regardless of free/premium account) ? How do we earn & make money with it ? Hosting and create your own website ? Can you brief me, I’m interested as long as it’s legit, I have been through lots or forex and so on..scam duhh…but at least i knew what I needed to perform/action before joining, etc, to recruit people/trade the market, what we need to do ?

    • Hi David, it revolves around content creation on website and monetization with affiliate marketing. You’ll be mostly learning about SEO (how to rank a website) and writing content (or hire freelancers to write for you).

      Perhaps the homepage of WA can explain the process better. It’s free to join and to learn the first 10 lessons, so take some time to go through it and then decide if it’s for you.

  11. Aaron zadok

    Hi I really understand much about this wealthy affiliate. I wish to learn more and get into this . I’m still a student who wants to grow.

  12. Steve

    Hello Edward,

    How is it going? Are you still using WA and are there any new/recent updates on it? I want to get started in Affiliate Marketing and this seems like a good way to get started.


    • Hi Steve, yes I’m still with WA and still learning more via their weekly webinars and lessons. I’ve also diversified my income sources by building 2 new niche websites and monetizing with Amazon.

      WA is a good place to get to know about affiliate marketing and building a real business around it. If you’re not comfortable with going Premium directly, you should use the free starter membership and finish the 10 lessons so you can have your own website up and running.

  13. bruce

    i’ve had wa in in my email for a long time but had a dead end night job and never had the full energy to work on web site building.
    now im free from the night work and willing to put full effort in building web sites for multible nitches ,i kind of understand what’s going on with affiliate marketing but am going to go back and study the intro lessons again -do you think it best i just go premium from the start ?

    • Hi Bruce, yes I’d recommend going premium directly to keep yourself dedicated to building your online business.

      If you want to take advantage of the early bird discount again you can consider signing up for a new account. You’ll save $24.50 for the first month.

  14. Your absolutely right with everything you say. Kyle and Carson have really come up with the goods on WA particuarly with regard to the website side of things you literally need no technical knowledge as everything is there for you to get a start. Thanks for a great review.

  15. Moses

    Hi Edward,

    I am also in healthcare and have spent about 6 years online trying to make money. I have spent thousands of dollars and made some money but far less what I have spent. I am technical challenged and wondering if the courses really can help me with that.
    Also how do you get targeted traffic to your website once you find your niche?
    Do you buy those traffic ? Will like to talk, so just drop me your info in my email below.

    • Hi Moses, the platform was created with beginners in mind, that’s why there’s a series a video tutorials for easier understanding.

      There are no lack of success stories from both technically savvy and challenged members, so I suggest you register a free membership and try things out. I’ll help you where I can.

      Check your inbox for a message I sent to you.







    • Hi Javier,

      Usually the commissions are paid through PayPal, after which you can transfer the fund from PayPal into any bank account of your choice.

      Some affiliate programs gives you the option to do a direct bank transfer to your bank account too.

  17. Jimmy bachand

    Couple questions:

    1. How do I actually make money, do I actually sell product online and if so how do I get said product?

    2. If I don’t have a business or income to build a business how can I make money?

    3. I just graduated high school and don’t have a job or experience with online website building, is this a practical thing to get myself Into?

    • Hi Jimmy, to answer your questions:

      1. With affiliate marketing, you are selling other people’s products via referral. For example, you talk about a product on your website, readers click your link to Amazon and buy something, you make a commission. No stock and inventories involved.

      2. As said in (1), affiliate marketing revolves around making money from referrals. There are many affiliate programs out there (Amazon is just 1 of thousands), so there’s no lack of product to sell. Once your website gets more visitors, you can even monetize it with Google Ads.

      3. Wealthy Affiliate is structured around teaching beginners getting into online businesses. So there’s no experience needed, in fact I work in healthcare industry, which has nothing to do with website building at all. I learned all of it from WA.

      Hope this answers your questions!

  18. Viktor

    Hello Edvard. I`m from to Belarus, can the program work here, or what? Thank you.))

  19. Alex

    Hi,am Alex from Nairobi,Kenya.WA starter membership is not available here.

  20. Roshaunda

    Sorry I didn’t address you the right way Edward I’m just so excited on getting started . I was just going to give up and deal with what I have for the time being.

    • Hey Roshaunda don’t worry about addressing my name!

      Don’t give up and always stay true to your goals. Don’t ever pay another cent if you are not sure what an online opportunity is all about. There are just too many scams out there.

  21. Roshaunda

    I believe I’m going to go for this. I just paid out 97.00 for Home Payday Center. And I’m a single mom with three children and a grandchild. I lost my job working at the Gap part-time due to having heart surgery late last year. Doing a part-time job taking care of my grant aunt. So I done nice some extra money to pay bills and make end meet. When I get some time to myself I will try and join this program and hope it works for me . Thank you for all your reviews .

  22. Beaton Kajombo

    Hello Edward,
    I am one of the people who would have fallen prey to so many scams of this type. However, thank the name of Jesus for rescuing me in all the situations until i stumbled on your article which took me this far. However, i still have a question to ask: since i am from Malawi, can the program work here, or what? Please help me for i am desperately in need of making money online regardless of how much.

    • Hi Beaton,

      I’m glad my site helped you. WA free starter account should apply to Malawi too.


  23. Lina

    Hi Edward,

    I also wish to achieve my financial freedom in the long run. I almost sign up for Money Online Wealth yesterday. Luckily I saw your post and had saved me from online scam.

    Please guide me through as I haven’t found my passion and niche yet.

    P/S – I’m also a Malaysian chinese.

    • Hey Lina, glad I could help! If you signed up through any of the links above, you should’ve received a message from me within WA.

      I’ll guide you along the way. And it’s good to see a fellow Malaysian here!

  24. Kaleem

    i am really interested. Just let me know if it works in the UAE.


    • Hi Kaleem, yes it’s applicable to UAE, I’ve met multiple members from UAE within Wealthy Affiliate.

      • Christian

        Am a Nigerian,my name is Chris and I live and work in UAE can join cos I’ll love to learn and this platform seems like the perfect place for a starter like me?

        • Hi Chris, UAE certainly qualify for the starter membership. You can try it out for free and you’ll know if it’s a suitable platform for you.

          If you signed up through any of the links above, look out for a welcome message from me so I can guide you along.

  25. Joel


    Just some things I was curious about regarding Wealthy Affiliate, basically some clarification on things so I can plan ahead with time, as I know there are busy days ahead for me in terms of how much time I have.

    1. For the program itself, are there specific times that lessons have to be taken, or can they be taken in any amount of time?

    2. Again about the program itself, is there any homework to account for in terms of the lessons, or is all the work in the lesson itself as well as maintaining your website?

    3. If using an affiliate program to link to a website such as Amazon or eBay, would I have to link to a specific seller on these sites who sells the products or would the site itself (and perhaps a product search) be enough?

    4. Can your ‘niche’ for Wealthy Affiliates be more open ended, or does it have to be specific?
    For example, could I make a website about cooking, books, games, music and clothes or would it just have to be one of these things, such as only games?

    Sorry if I asked too many questions or anything, and if there were any typos at all, it is quite late over here now.

    And one more thing I wish to say- thank you for writing these reviews and articles.

    I had previously seen a “news article” about Online Wealth Markets and thought I should look around more before deciding on anything, and happened upon your review about it and I imagine it has saved me a lot of trouble and brought this much better sounding alternative to my attention. So thank you very much.

    • Hi Joel,

      Thanks for dropping by! Seems like you’re someone who plans ahead, and that’s a good quality to have in order to achieve success in anything.

      1. There’s no specific time in which the lessons have to be taken, you can keep your free membership for as long as you like. The free membership comes with the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (10 lessons).

      2. Not sure if I understand your question, but there will be a key to-do list after every lesson. You’ll do well implementing what’s being taught in each lesson right away when it’s still fresh in your memory. By the end of the lessons, you’ll have a functional website up and running.

      3. You don’t have to link to a specific reseller, but you need to link to the product you mentioned in your site. However, Amazon is very well-optimized for product recommendation, so once the visitors land at Amazon your job is basically done.

      4. It’s good to be more specific when you’re starting a site, as you are trying to rank in Google for that specific niche. If you go too broad, you will not have enough content to rank for all of them.

      Do reply to this comment if you have more questions, or reply to my message in Wealthy Affiliate if you signed up through any of the links above. It’ll be much easier to point you to correct tutorials within WA.

      • Joel

        Hi Edward,

        Thanks for the fast reply. And thank you for the compliment as well, I do try to plan ahead as often as possible.

        Thank you for clarifying that there’s no time to worry about and that it can all be done in my own time. And 10 lessons sounds good too, especially since I can do them on my own time and it sounds like a good number of lessons to learn things in.

        I should’ve been more clear sorry. What I meant with question 2 is, would I have to do tasks after one lesson before starting another.
        And that’s good advice to do things right away too, so thank you.

        Okay, so with number three I guess that means I go to Amazon for example, type in the product and the search results come up, then I link the page with the search results? Or would I only need to go to Amazon’s home page? I’m guessing the former would be more convenient for people who click through.

        Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind. I suppose I should ask though, is it alright to have perhaps similar things, for example would something such as ‘food and cooking’ be alright, or perhaps ‘video games and technology’ or is that still too broad?

        And I have a few more questions that occurred to me today, so I hope this isn’t too much sorry.

        1. I understand that a free membership gets 2 websites, but is there a limit to how many pages you can have on a website, or can you have as many as needed for your niche?

        2. Is there some kind of company loyalty requirement?
        What I mean by this is, if a product is sold in more than one place, would I have to link to only one sales outlet such as Amazon or could I link to multiple different sales outlets such as both Amazon and Microsoft for example?

        3. Is it possible to also maintain your website from mobile phones and tablets, or is it better to maintain it from one place such as the computer?

        Thank you once again for your time answering these questions, your answers have been very helpful so far. And I haven’t signed up yet, but if I do Ill be sure to sign up through the links here.

        • Hi Joel,

          Having questions is great, we can only improve if we constantly have questions and learn new things. So here goes:

          1. There’s no limit to how many pages you can have on your website, you can build it as you would a normal website.

          2. The structure and affiliate programs you want to feature on your website is totally up to you. For example, you may put up Amazon and Google Adsense in the same website. However, make sure it makes sense to your readers, because ultimately there are real people visiting your website.

          3. Sometimes I proofread and edit my articles on my phone, but not too much. Having a computer is still the best, due to the larger screen estate and ease of navigation.

          For the other questions – you link to the Amazon product page that you are promoting. If you link them to the Amazon homepage, it would be kind of pointless because the reason your visitor clicked on the link is due to his/her interest in the product.

          ‘Food and cooking’ or ‘Video games and technology’ are both viable niches. When you set up your niche, you can think about the general profile of your potential readers. If they are into cooking, there’s a good chance they’re into food and recipes too. Likewise, if they are into video games, there’s a good chance a huge proportion of your readers are males, and having a population of males and gamers means you can promote gaming gears and other electronic gadgets too.

          • Joel

            Hi again Edward,

            That is true, it is all about learning, so thanks for saying that.

            No limit to how many pages you can have is a wonderful thing to hear, the more I can make the better I can feel.

            I see, so Amazon and Google Adsense can be used together, so I guess that also means if, for example, I were to link a laptop sale to both Amazon and Microsoft’s official website it would work out well.

            Okay then, thank you. So for any days I’m away I’ll most likely just have to wait until I get back to town. Good to know that phones/tablets would still be possible, even if not preferred though.

            Okay then, so I search the product then link the the search results page by the sounds of it. And that makes sense too, making extra work for the visitors wouldn’t help them much I wouldn’t think, which in turn would make me look unreliable which is not something I would want.

            And thank you, that’s good to hear that they’re both viable as examples. And the general profile makes sense, that food and recipes as well as cooking example gives a good branch without being to spread out. And promoting games and technology together could be a bit more varied, but that could also run the risk of being too broad I imagine. I suppose, for a technological example, promoting some Xbox games and consoles as well as Windows Phones could work since they’re both Microsoft products and fit under technology, but I think I should ask, is that too spread out or would a phone be ‘gadget enough’ to do as well?

            Also, I am getting the sense that Amazon is a good place to put links to, so I was wondering, is eBay also a good place to do that? I only ask because I am more familiar with eBay, but if Amazon is better I am willing to link to it too.

            And one more question (at the moment)- can you choose what kinds of ads Google Adsense would show on the page to be more relevant to the products you’re promoting, or does it only show things based on the visitors’ browsing history?
            Just asking as it would be unusual to have ads for construction services popping up on a website promoting technology and games, but even if there’s no control it couldn’t hurt to have ads I imagine.

          • Sorry for late reply, I was working on some other projects these 2 days.

            Ebay has its own affiliate program too, search google for “ebay affiliate program” and you’ll find it.

            Google adsense will tailor ads to the visitor’s browsing pattern, but I think you can control what ads not to be shown to a certain degree. Don’t take my words for it as I haven’t experimented with adsense, though.

          • Joel

            That’s okay, we all get busy sometimes.

            Thanks for letting me know that eBay has it’s own program, seems like it can be searched easily.

            And thank you for the answer on Adsense too. I guess experience is the only way to know for sure.

            Once again, thank you for everything, you’ve been a big help.

  26. Brad

    Hello Edward,
    Premium is 49 dollars a month?

    • Hi Brad,
      Yes it’s $49/month.
      If you decide to go for annual membership it’ll be $359/year, which is $29.90/month.

  27. Martin

    Hi there 🙂
    I just happened on your review site whilst trying to find out if some site that popped up on my newsfeed was a scam or not (I kind of thought it most likely was, most of them are!). What you say about WA seems quite legit. I’m especially encouraged by the fact that starter membership is free, and the claim that you can stay as a free member for life, if you want to.
    I have a couple of questions, if you don’t mind?
    Firstly, am I right in thinking that I wouldn’t need a product of my own to sell? For instance, if I have a travel website with reviews and articles, that generates traffic would that be a niche that could work? Presumably I would only make money if people clicked through my site and actually purchased something from an ad on my site?
    Secondly, do you think that remaining as a free member would be sustainable? What are the benefits of being a paid member, and how would you compare the potential income streams of paid vs free membership?
    Thank you for your time 🙂

    • Hi Martin, thanks for dropping by!
      Firstly, the beauty of affiliate marketing lies in its ability to make money without selling your own products. That’s why you see many online entrepreneurs who seem to travel around and live off their online income. They don’t handle products creation, employees management, shipments, customer support etc.
      All they do is referring interested customers to the products, and make a commission off the sale. There are many ways to monetize a site, and placing ads is an option (make money if people click on the ads). If you are in the travel niche, you can also write about travel equipment and provide a link to Amazon, and make a commission off anything the customer buys in it. There are also other affiliate programs out there.
      Secondly, regarding Wealthy Affiliate, remaining as a free member is good if you want time to build your website and try things out slowly. However, most people who continue working on it eventually converts to paid member to learn more advanced techniques and skills offered in WA. You can still make money with the basic training in free membership, but once you mastered them and made your first commission, naturally you would want to learn better techniques and improve further.
      For myself, I use the skills I’ve learned to create a portfolio of profitable websites, and host all of them in WA using a single account, so the potential income streams of paid membership is definitely much better than free membership.

  28. Steven Galvin

    I’ve been a member of WAU for ages and never did anything with it, because I was to lazy. I’d love to give it a fresh start and would love your help when I can ask. I’m currently going through a slow time with work and if things keep going there will be no work left. I hope we can converse over this and get me going the right way

    • Hi Steven, sure! You can look for me in WA, or if you signed up through any of the links above, you should have received a message from me. I can guide you along the way if you want.

  29. KK

    Hi Edward

    Am really interested. Just wanted to know if it works in the UAE.


    • Pretty sure it works in UAE. You can try signing up for a free account using the link above, if you can see your dashboard then all is well.

  30. Simon

    Hi Edward. I’ve just read your article on Wealthy Affiliate and loved it.
    You have really captured what WA is all about. I myself have been a member for a while ‘although I did have a break due to family stuff’ but am back now with a brand new site. For anyone who reads this WA is a fantastic place to learn how to build a business just right for you.

  31. Sammy

    Hi Edward,
    Thanks a lot for what seems a very genuine advice to a lot of people keen to make money online. I was browsing through the Online Wealth Markets site when I came across your reviews. I was contemplating on joining them as their aggressive way of marketing is so pursuasive and tempting but thank God for you, I didnt fall into a scam. I wonder why there are so many seemingly satisfied people who vouch for them and seem to be making genuine money. Are they part of the whole scam?
    I’d also like to know if I decide to join WA program, can one market more than one product/service on the same website? Thank you once again for your invaluable info.



    • Hi Sammy,
      These people are not necessarily part of the scam, but they are actors and actresses hired to read the scripts of their clients and pretend it’s a real testimonial.
      Look at this Fiverr page and you’ll understand. There are people selling their service to produce video testimonials starting from $5. Most of the time, they don’t even know what they are promoting. To them, it’s just another job.
      Regarding WA program, yes you can promote multiple products. Let’s say you have a website in the gaming laptop niche, you can promote accessories too like gaming mouse, mouse pad, and headset just a name a few. You have to identify the interests of your audience and give helpful advice.
      The reason I’m promoting only WA on this site is because people who want to make money online have too many traps they have to avoid. I’m here to share what has worked for me after so many trials and errors, and WA is the answer.
      Feel free to ask questions again here, or if you signed up through any of the links above you should receive a message from me within WA. I’ll help you out.

  32. Ola

    Hello Edward, thanks a lot. I admire your truthfulness, courage and steadfastness. You just saved me from online wealth markets. I had even paid for the £4.95 but called the bank immediately to block the card. Hopefully that won’t go through. I have been seeing their calls but won’t pick. They have sent two emails which I don’t intend to respond to. I had given up on online business long ago. In fact I started two websites personally which I paid for but after a year I had to put a stop as I could not commit to them due to my day jobs. However I am willing to try again as I want to go back into business and focus on the family. I sincerely pray wealthy affiliate works for me

    • Hi Ola,
      You’re welcome. Glad that my review helped you!
      Just make it a habit to commit 1 to 2 hours daily after your day job into building your online business. I’m doing the same thing, too.
      You won’t see results right away, but when you do, it’s a respectable, steady stream of income every month.
      If you’ve signed up through the links in this page, look out for a message from me within Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll try to help you along.

  33. Hi, regarding Clickbank – are there any ideas about improving conversions on a varied site? I have a file uploading website and as such it’s extremely to match offers to the visitor. regards

    • Hi Regenia,
      A file uploading site will generally benefit more from CPA offers (cost per action), such as a sign up offer or a quick survey.
      Clickbank products might be hard to convert since they mostly involve products that cost money.
      You can start trying survey offers from CPA networks such as Maxbounty.

  34. joe

    Wealthy Affiliate is in french language ?

  35. Ben

    That is a very inspiring story I like the way your numbers have continued to climb. I too am a member of WA and am a very satisfied one at that. The support and resources are top notch. When you consider how many scams online there are WA is one of the true good guys!

  36. Charmaine

    I was reading through the financial freedom guide, and funny how I come across a review of WA here.
    I joined WA 2 years back to start my own website on huskies (I love dogs) and slowly expanded it to a full time income, and a bit more.
    Sure it took time and effort, but now I can focus entirely on what I love doing and live off it.
    I’d suggest starting it on the side, and work on it consistently. It’ll grow on its own if you focus on genuinely helping people.

  37. Natalie

    Recently, I have read an article that attracts people’s attention. Tell me what you think of this: http://dailynews-reports.com/za/workathome/796/?c1=Gauteng

    • Hi Natalie, it’s a typical scam landing page. It’s just a page disguised as a news article to give it some credibility.
      Try this – click on ANYWHERE on the website (different sections, tabs, links) and all of them will link you to the scam itself.
      Does a legitimate news website link everything to a single webpage that sells you a program? There’s your answer.

  38. Natalie

    I love your website. I have learned alot from you. You are brilliant! Thank you a million times 🙂

    By the way, I would like to know about your opinion of Bitcoins. I wanted to try doing with Bitcoins but not sure if they are safe.

    • Hi Natalie, Bitcoin has had its moments in late 2013, where we saw the high of close to $1,200.
      Admittedly, I’m not an expert of Bitcoin, nor have I invested in Bitcoin myself, but I wouldn’t rate it as a safe investment.
      The price of Bitcoin is currently standing at around $400, a far cry from its peak in 2013.
      Unless you have specific knowledge on it, I wouldn’t recommend you invest into it.

  39. Hi Edward,
    I had a very disappointing experience recently with web.com. It got so bad that I forced them to terminate my contract with them mid-term. Now I am six months behind my target date as far as having my web site up and running.
    Currently I am looking at “Go-Daddy” for web site building and support before I “stumbled” across you and Wealthy Affiliate. I have been using Go-Daddy in the past to secure domain names for my companies. First question for you, have you had any experience using “Go-Daddy” web site services? Second question, as far as securing domain names is it less expensive doing it through Wealthy Affiliate? For a 5 year period Go-Daddy” charges $72.85 for .Com Domain Registration and additional $39.95 for making it a Private Domain Registration. Please give me you advise at your earliest convenience. Thank You, Jim.

    • Hi Jim,

      I was using namecheap previously for my domains. I was buying .com TLD for a little less than $10 a year.

      However, of course it depends on the competitiveness of the domain name you are trying to buy.

      Recently I’ve been securing my domain names through Wealthy Affiliate and found it a little bit cheaper than what I find elsewhere.

      And I host all my domains with WA server now, so far the reliability and speed have been good.


  40. Aria

    I have a question could this even apply to remodeling and such? Even if you don’t have the capital to actually start the company , but just get your foot in the door?

    • Hi Aria,

      If you have the idea of starting a company, but just want to establish an online presence first, then yes. It will take some time before you establish a strong online presence anyway, so it’ll be good to start your website earlier.

  41. Jade

    Hi Edward,

    Would this work for babysitting? I have my certificate III in Children’s services and my working with children check, or what are some successful businesses you recommend?

    • Hi Jade,

      You can find success in every niche, so it’s better to go into something you are interested in and are willing to work on it.

      For your case it would be babysitting. Since it’s a local business, you can focus your effort in local SEO, targeting people near to your geography location.

      If you signed up through the link in this review, you should’ve received a message from me within WA. I can guide you to the right training.


  42. Fello

    Hello, I have read some WA refereals by now, but I’d like to know if this program also aplies for people from Mexico.

    Thank you

    • Hi there, it’ll work in Mexico. There are members from all over the world.
      I have some friends within WA that are from Mexico too, and they are doing just fine.

  43. Sharlene Savage

    Hi Edward, I am a stay at home Mum and I have a water ioniser business that I’d really like to promote and market, can WA help me with this?

    • Hi Sharlene,
      Yes, having a website is one of the most cost effective ways to market your products.
      You can choose to go local seo if you want to market to your area or use general seo techniques if you ship your products internationally.
      There are trainings geared towards different requirements within Wealthy Affiliate.
      If you’ve signed up through the link above you should receive message from me. I’ll guide you to the right trainings.

  44. Frozen

    Hello Edward, I had read your detailed review and decided to try to join the Wealthy Affiliate website. However, the website said that my country is not supported as a starter member, so I have to upgrade it to premium before have access to anything. But 47$ is like a quarter of my monthly expenses already due to the low ratio in currency, and I don’t even have a credit card yet. So I can’t pay before I at least have the chance to check its legitimacy personally. Therefore, what is your suggestion in this situation?

    • Hi there,
      I believe the first month costs $19, I’ll recommend you to sign up for just a single month and dedicate yourself to it to see if it’s for you.
      Get the most value out of this 1st month and decide if you want to continue after you’ve familiarized with it.

  45. Richard Gonzales

    Get reviews sir!! Im sold and I’ll start right away!! Can you please help me to start my business please. Thanks in advance.

  46. Garroe Wah

    Hi Edward,

    I came across your website after I signed up with a different online affiliate program which asked me for $97 upfront and another $83 to talk to the specialist to walk me through their system. I am just a very normal people doing general labor work and that $180 means a lot to me. But I closed my eyes and paid it because my heart is pushing me to do so. Finally, 1 hr after I paid both, I got a call from the online marketing specialist who introduced me to his co-worker to do financial assessment with me. After the assessment I was transferred back to the boss, the first person I talked with, and I was explained briefly about their system and how to make money online. Finally, he came up with a deal that I have to invest (Pay him or his program) $5,000 and he will walk me through one on one until I achieve my goal which kinda shocked me. I told him I will reach him back after I applied for the $5,000 credit. After he hang off I did some online research about their company and I came across your website that I felt I want to check and see if you might have that same knowledge to walk me through without falling into the $5,000 credit debt.

    • Hi George,

      Please, DO NOT pay them the $5,000. This is a typical upsells scam model, and it is awfully similar to MTTB or MOBE I’ve reviewed earlier: http://mastermyfinance.com/online-empire-maker-is-a-scam/

      The last thing you want to do is to incur huge debts to get into some scams. Any legitimate opportunity would not charge you this amount without giving you anything first.

      Forget whatever promises they try to tell you, it’s a scam.

      • Garroe Wah

        Than you Edward for your time, your response and the link. Yes, you are right. I won’t do that.

    • Sam

      Hi again Ed…!!
      Am still watch for your reply…!!
      And I also wanna know if this has a limited time to subscribe…!! As my life is very hectic and extremely busy for the next one month or so…!!
      Don’t wanna start unless I know that I can give it my whole time
      Please advice
      Looking forward to hearing from you

      • Hey there, there’s no limited time for the starter account.
        You’ll always have access to your 2 free websites and the online entrepreneur certification course.
        Do remember to go through the entire course, though!

  47. Donna


    I just have a couple of questions. Your site is awesome. I found it because I was about to join another site and I decided to check it out first when I happened onto yours. It is the first one that I have read that actually makes sense.

    I am almost 70 and as you know social security is close to bankruptcy. No one would hired me no matter my education or background but I need to supplement my income. Neither of my current ones even had a COL increase and yet my expenses are going up. Medical ins for my granddaughter jumped this year almost $80 a month. Next year I most likely won’t be able to afford it and she has 3 more years of college.

    Is this a program that would work for me? Will my age be a factor?


    • Hi Donna,

      Age is rarely a factor when it comes to making money online. What matters is the willingness to put in time and effort and make it work.

      With that said, only you will know whether it’ll work for you, and that is why Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter account to let you try it out.

      There are quite a few members in your age range in WA. There’s no harm signing up for a free starter account to try things out.

      You can sign up through the button at the end of this article, and I’ll be able to identify you and help you out personally. See you in WA!


  48. Emma

    Too bad not available in the philippines…

    • Hi Emma,

      Unfortunately if you are in Philippines you’ll have to go premium directly.

      I would encourage you to try the premium membership for 1 month and see if you like it, though.


  49. Michael

    Hi Edward,

    Thank you for writing this article. I was doing research into ‘Online Wealth Makers’ and came upon this article. WA sounds legitimate from the sound of things, which is good. I want to ask you, do you think it’s a realistic notion to make any profit within the 7 day trial period? I’m really interested in science, star wars and gaming… Do you think those are viable markets to work in for this business?


    • Hi Michael,

      Actually it’s not a 7 days trial, you can keep your free membership and website for as long as you want. Only when you are comfortable with your progress and want to take things to another level, you can choose to upgrade to premium membership for advanced trainings and features.

      To be honest, it’s not realistic to make profit within 7 days. It’s not a get rich quick program, and you’ll need to put in consistent effort to build a legitimate business online. But I can assure you, every second that you invest into your site will pay you back much more in the future. It’s worth the effort.

      There’s a saying – this is the internet, and there’s no niche that is too small. No matter what you are interested in, there is always an audience behind it. There are more than 3 billion (3,000,000,000) internet users worldwide, and the number is growing every year. You can bet there’ll be audience no matter how targeted your niche is.

  50. Elliot

    Hi Edward, thanks for posting a report on this, it looks like a great tool. Love the site, there’s lots of helpful information and I think you’ve done an outstanding job with the presentation, especially in your second language (where are you from?).

    Congrats on breaking through the $1000 mark, if you don’t mind my asking:
    Can you achieve this through one website, or multiple;
    How much time can you expect to commit with a full-time job?

    Many thanks, Elliot.

    • Hi Elliot,

      Thanks for visiting! I’m a Malaysian Chinese, so my first language is actually chinese.

      I achieved it through one website, in fact I encourage you to focus on just one website when you are getting started so you can dedicate all your effort into it.

      In my case, I generally commit 2 hours daily after my full-time job.

      I also work on it on weekends if I don’t have plans with family and friends.

      I think that the most important thing is your willingness to dedicate time and effort into it. In fact perseverance is the most important ingredient if you want to achieve any kind of success in life.

      I wish you success ahead!


  51. Yolanda Colli

    Wow this sounds almost unbelievable, there is so much negativity surrounding Internet usage that I do very little on the Internet. However, this is tempting. Been wanting to experience the privilege of being a stay at home mom, is this really possible?

    • Hi Yolanda,

      Anyone can make money online as long as they are being taught the proper way. You can sign up for a free account from the link above and I’ll be able to send you a message within Wealthy Affiliate to help you out.

  52. Wonderful goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to
    and you are just extremely great. I actually like what you’ve acquired here, really
    like what you’re stating and the way in which
    you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it smart.
    I can not wait to read far more from you. This is actually a
    wonderful website.

  53. Rick

    Hi Edward,
    I have no idea as to what I would like to pursue, but I like what I have read . Could you please give some ideas of what kinds of things would be suggestions to promote. Also on average what kind of profits can one expect on a sale, and I realize it all depends on what your selling but if you could give an example would be helpful.

    • Hi Rick,

      If you have no idea at all, go through the training in Wealthy Affiliate and you may get some idea of out it. There’s a module that helps you narrow down your interest and decide on a niche.

      You’re right that profits can very widely, this is a performance based industry, after all. The more effort you put in, the more profit you can expect.

      Since there’s no benchmark, I can only tell you my own experience. It’s my 7th month now since I started learning at WA, and I’ve just broke through $1000/month.

      What I noticed is that it can start out slow, but if you are persistent on learning and improving, you’ll see exponential growth at some point. The same trend happens with many other members in WA.

      Don’t focus on the profits when you get started. Focus on improving your skills and work on it consistently. It’ll take some time before you see results, but what you get in the end is a long term asset.


  54. Lungile

    Hi my name is Lungile.
    I am glad I come across this,thank you. So,I don’t know much about websites or having one to operate. But with this ,I feel like I’ll know and learn a lot while I earn extra income. I love fashion and food the most ,I was wondering…do you think that I would make a good income from that because to be realistic there are already thousands of those in the world?
    And with the website will I be able to create my own custom-made themes?
    Also do I have to have excellent writing skill ?

    • Hi Lungile,

      You can start off your website with a more specific idea in mind, for example a particular category of food you’re most interested in – let’s say desserts. You can break it down even more, such as different types of desserts, best places to get them, or you can even share recipes for dessert lovers.

      Your website will evolve over time, so don’t have to visualize it as perfect right off the bat. You can improve it as you build it. There are many themes to choose for your website, and you can tweak individual components to make it look how you want it to be.

      I didn’t have much of an idea what to do with this website just a few months ago. I only wanted to build a site that provides real personal finance advice and to prevent people from falling into scams. Over time it evolves into what you see now. And I’m sure it will improve further down the road.

      I only started writing regularly months ago. English isn’t even my first language. But the good thing is, the more you practice, the better you get. Obviously I’m not great in writing yet, but you don’t have to write perfect articles to get readers. You only need to be genuine and honest about what you write.

      You can sign up for an account in the link above, so I can identify and send you a message within Wealthy Affiliate. We can discuss how to start your first website and get help from the community in WA. There are a lot more experienced entrepreneurs inside WA that you can get input from.

      Have a good day!

      • Sam

        Hi Ed,
        Good day!

        • Hi Sam,

          Good day to you too!

          • Sam

            Hello again
            Good day!
            I 1st was just trying to check if were to ever answer my msg!! Which you did!!
            However am still kinda skeptical about the whole thing!! I mean I was led to this page through a review you were writing about some other – get rich- quick scam, you put a link that took us here… The bottom line; how would we make sure that you are also just selling another product!! Except that you guys are being smart enough not to promiss the sky…!!
            On the other hand if I want to go ahead and give it a try, is there a free trial and how to sign up for it…?!!
            And if I have my own idea product or niche that I wanna sell would your site be helpful or it is better that I choose from what you have available?!!
            Thanks in advance
            Have gray day

          • Hi Sam,

            You’re right to be skeptical. It’s always better to question how things work than to fall into a blatant scam.
            The only reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate is because it’s one of the rare legitimate opportunities that provide free starter account.
            If you read through the review above, you’ll see that there’s a free starter account that you can register, which I highly encourage all my readers to sign up instead of going premium directly. It may not be suitable for everyone, but there’s no harm to try something that might potentially change your life.
            You can sign up for your free account through the button at the end of the review.
            Not sure I fully understand what you mean by the last question, but I’m sure you can find the answer within WA training.
            Have a great day too!


  55. Patrick

    Hi Edward,

    Many thanks for the review and for the warnings about scammers.

    I am really intrigued by Wealthy affiliate but I don’t know much about internet marketing and I don’t understand how you actually earn money. It was interesting to read that “If you have your own passion, such as baking, gardening, candle making or even building sheds, that is excellent. You can create a profitable online business around any niche without creating products of your own.” Does this mean you earn money from a domain or through people visiting your website? I realise this is a question which will no doubt be answered when I sign up for the course but any pointers would be helpful.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Patrick, thanks for dropping by. This is what we call affiliate marketing – creating a business by selling other people’s products.
      For example, if your passion is about baking, your website will naturally be about baking, recipes, and maybe tools that you use when you bake. You can link recipe books and tools from Amazon. When people click and buy an item from Amazon, you earn a commission from that purchase. Of course, there are many other ways to make money with a website, and this is just one of them.
      Wealthy Affiliate will walk through different ways of generating income in their training modules.

  56. Paul Dimond

    Dear Edward, my partner is dying from Pancreatic Cancer and I need to stay home to care for him. I would love to make some extra money from home to assist with the tremendous amount of medical bills etc. His care has almost ruined us financially and I do not want to waste my time or money with a dead end business opportunity. We are really struggling. Is this business opportunity a real investment? Time I have money at the moment is limited. Kind regards Paul

    • Hi Paul I’m sorry to hear about your partner. Yes this business opportunity is a real investment, in fact it’s the only one that I recommend after joining so many programs out there.
      Just start with the free membership and take your time from there. With dedication and effort you can make it a full time income. Wish you all the best Paul.

  57. Kathy S Atwood


    I am a trained ESL teacher with a concentration in Accent Reduction. I want to sell my Accent Reduction classes online to do through Skype. I have one textbook that I would like students to buy. There are 1000’s of accent reductionists out there. Would WA help me set up my own business of this kind?

    • Hi Kathy,
      Yes Wealthy Affiliate will be well suited for this kind of business. You need to provide helpful contents for those who want to reduce their accents, and the best place to build trust and followers is by a personalized website/blog. People will buy your course if they trust you, after all.

  58. Ananomyx

    Wow, you did an excellent joy explaining Wealthy Affiliates. I think the best part is the fact that it is free and they teach you a substantial amount of information to fully understand how to create a successful business that will also be something you enjoy doing. This program is awesome and premium is definitely worth it! Great review. Thanks!

  59. stefan

    Hi there!

    I really enjoyed your website as it provides valuable financial knowledge. That’s really important!

    Great review about WA! I have joined it a couple of months ago and I can assure everyone it is definitely worth it! My website is getting many visitors a month thanks to the great training and the amazing support of the community!

    I din’t have a clue about my website niche so I decide to accept the their recommendation, which is to focus on helping people to build their businesses.

    Overall, I am really happy with my learning progress so far.

    Best wishes


    • Edward

      HI Stefan,

      I’m glad that it’s working for you! Keep learning and making progress. I wish you great success ahead!

    • Michael

      Hi Stefan, if you don’t mind me asking, what sort of figures are you earning after two months and hour many hours do you put in daily? Also, is it possible to make any actual profit within the 7 days trial period?

      Many thanks in advance.

  60. Anders

    Hello Edward
    Great review of Wealthy Affiliate, very informative and helpful. I agree that WA is probably one of the best program on the internet to teach you how to lean to make a living through internet marketing.

    WA provides you with all the training and tools you need, and a great community always ready to guide you in the right direction. And I like they are very honest with you. Money doesn’t come from nowhere, you have make an effort, whether it’s online or not.

    • Edward

      Hi Anders,

      Indeed, making money online comes from experience, determination and hard work. Unfortunately a lot of people thought making a living online is as easy as clicking a few magic buttons, that’s why business opportunity scams are thriving on the internet.

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of the rare gems that provides real value. I’ve been keeping a look out for some other programs after joining Wealthy Affiliate but nothing comes close to this.

  61. jo

    Hi Loved your site. It is well laid out and well written. You have really good content and I especially liked the millionaire mindset.
    You have chosen a niche that you know well and have excelled with the content (I sound like a high school teacher lol ) . The theme works well your site is very professional as a rule i don’t like pop ups but your use of them is very subtle and works well. I hate sites that have pop ups every few seconds making them hard to read.
    Keep going the way you are there is nothing you need to change. I wish you every success in the future.

    • Edward

      Hi jo,

      Glad you like the contents. There’ll be more contents being added frequently, and the millionaire mindset section is no exception. Do drop by from time to time!

  62. Neil

    Hello Edward

    I have been looking in to website building for a while and even thought about hiring a web-designer at one point, but the cost was crazy, so I didn’t go through with it!

    After reading your Wealthy Affiliate review, I know exactly what needs to be done now, and it’s fantastic to see that there are so many benefits to this online business training platform.

    I really want to go ahead and build my very first WordPress website with Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

    Thank You for ths! Free starter membership and an easy to build website is exactly what I need!


    • Edward

      Hi Neil,

      Yeah hiring a web-designer to build a website for you can be extremely costly, as a simple website can cost thousands. Not to mention the monthly updates and maintenance fees that come with the package.

      Learning to build one yourself can be very helpful for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Or you can even use the skills to build website for other business owners.

      Wish you success in your online business venture!

  63. Boniface

    Hi Edward,
    That’s a nice review you have there and quite an offer for online entrepreneurship training there is at WA. It’s a great opportunity and I encourage people who are seeking to learn all about making successful online marketing campaigns to join.
    Thanks again for the review. It is detailed and easy to understand

    • Edward

      Hi Boniface,

      Yes when it comes to online entrepreneurship training Wealthy Affiliate offers one of the most detailed and comprehensive training there is. Glad that you liked it!

  64. Maarten

    Hi Edward,

    Great review you’ve written here about an awesome platform. You’ve definitely spilled it out perfectly clear, I know exactly what I’m getting in to. 🙂

    On the negative aspect side tho, is that really the only negative point you can find on the platform? I haven’t been able to find any other complaints about it anywhere online. So it must be the best platform around? 🙂

    • Edward

      Hey there Maarten,

      I don’t know if it’s the best platform available, but it is the best from my own personal experiences.

      I’ve been a premium member for quite some time, and information overload for beginner is indeed the only possible complain I can come up with. Even so, you can choose to go at your own pace and learn slowly.

  65. G.C.Horton

    Joining Wealthy Affiliate was the best decision of my online business life. After years of struggling online, I was relieved when I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I recognized immediately that I had found something real.

    I could write all sorts of wonderful things about Wealthy Affiliate, but that would be bragging. The value of Wealthy Affiliate speaks for itself. It’s free to join, so you can take your time, look around and insure it’s a good fit for you.

    Here’s a little secret I discovered when I joined Wealthy Affiliate. If you fill out the profile and add a picture, the other members are really friendly. It’s like they recognize that you’re a human being and not a robot. So, fill out the profile and post a picture of yourself to get the full Wealthy Affiliate experience.

    • Edward

      Hi there, glad that you have the same experience with me.

      I felt relief too and converted to premium just 3 days into starter membership knowing I’ve found a real educational gold mine.

      All the best for your online business and see you around.

  66. Mahmood

    That was informative and really helpful. Building website is the best way to get in the online business world. I already have two websites and I am aiming to reach new heights with them both.
    Also, Wealthy affiliate is looking very promising. Does really offer unlimited web-hosting for unlimited web sites for just 47$ a month?

    • Edward

      Hi Mahmood, congratulations on taking the first steps and maintaining 2 websites.

      You can host up to 25 websites for $47, which comes with daily monitoring, security, backup as well as 24/7 technical support. Annual membership will reduce the price lower though, to a little under $30 per month.

  67. Fidel

    Great review on Wealthy affiliate. I have heard alot about this training program known as wealthy affiliate. I want to find out this from you.

    In your honest opinion is wealthy affiliate really what I see a lot of people talk about online as the number one online marketing training program?

    • Edward

      Hi Fidel, I only promote programs that I have personally used and benefited from, and this is the only program that I recommend for online marketing business.

      I’ve been in many programs, and most of them require member fees upfront and under-deliver their promises. WA is one of the few that offers free membership and live up to their promises.

  68. Jan K

    Hi Edward,

    I totally agree to you that creating other sources of income in addition to our full time job is an essential. It could be a backup plan or even to free us from the 9 to 5 job if it is really performed well.

    Your recommended Wealthy Affiliate University program sounds great that offering free Starter Membership which allows a free trial prior to any purchase. Most of the programs out there require payment upfront and their promises never come true.

    • Edward

      Hi Jan, yeah it’s the one of the only few ways to achieve financial freedom in the long run. Normally starting a business means taking certain risks but it is a huge plus with Wealthy Affiliate since there is not financial risk at all other than the time invested, but even that is not considered a risk as we are learning something useful out of it.

  69. Debbie

    Great info, I’ll get started right away! I do feel your sentiment about buying into a scam program, I did it myself once lol

    • Edward

      Yeah, sometimes we just get blinded by all the empty promises of the products. Well, at least now we know that a real business doesn’t require much capital, but our own dedication and effort to build it =)

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