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Hey there, welcome to!

I’m Edward, founder of this website. If you want to learn about affiliate marketing and building a stable side income online, I think you can learn a thing or two here!

This is a short story of how I went from losing a bunch of money to generating a monthly side income of $2,000+ while holding a full time job. And if I can do it part-time, pretty much anyone can do it too!

How Did I Get Started?

It was 2013 and I was fresh out of university. I found a job in healthcare industry within months, and frankly, the pay wasn’t too bad. I had enough and some to spare, even though I’m living in the most expensive city in the world.

Yeah, you guessed it, I live in Singapore. Say hi in the comments below if you are visiting!

Anyway, even though I wasn’t really lacking financially, deep down I knew I had to do something to supplement my income. You know, something that’s not dependent on my day job.

I believe most of you have the same thoughts, and that’s why you are reading this now. You can only go so far being an employee, and I really wanted to build a second stream of income that will eventually surpass my day job.

And of course, when it does, I’ll consider quitting my job for good.

“It’s all about making more money and having more options in life”, I told myself. And I wanted to make it fast.

The Start of A Series of Nightmares


Once I had that idea in mind, I started looking out for business opportunities everywhere. And when you are desperate to make quick bucks, you are susceptible to all sorts of traps and scams.

Have you come across ready-made “business systems” promising to make hundreds of dollars a day without you having to do anything?

The kind of sales video with headlines like “Make $500/day on autopilot!”? They are literally everywhere!

Most people may just dismiss it as a scam, but I was hooked. I was inexperienced and desperate to succeed that I was dumb enough to buy into one of them.

Well, of course, that endeavor didn’t go so well (in hindsight, it was a complete disaster!)

Turns out it was an automated binary trading software scam that was designed to siphon your deposit and quickly lose it with successive trades. The money went to the broker, and I lost $500 in just an hour.

Well, if there is a silver lining, it’s that I’ve learned not to trust something if it sounds too good to be true.

Armed with the bad experience, I told myself to invest only in online businesses that look legitimate. Unfortunately, as I would find out quickly, it still wasn’t enough to protect myself.

If you have tried to find a legitimate business opportunity online, you will know how difficult it is to find a trustworthy platform.

Most of the sales videos and landing pages are full of hypes and deception. You just don’t get to see how it really works until you have paid a hefty membership fee and finally realize it doesn’t work at all.

This was what happened to my second endeavor. There was a video of this guy sipping margarita by the beach, and talking about how he made hundreds of dollars passively through internet marketing while doing just that.

This guy was living the dream! He has an online business that makes him passive income while he’s on a vacation? Sign me up! And indeed, I smashed the sign-up button right away.

The membership costed $47 dollars, which is not exactly cheap, but I wanted to know how it work. Besides, $47 is a small price to pay to change your life, right?

Long story short, it turned out to be an internet marketing scheme operating under a pyramid structure, with upsells up to $60,000+ within their program. Heck, I was even forced buy an upsell costing $2,500 halfway through my course (which I valiantly rejected and get thrown out from the program). And the best part is, I didn’t even manage to get my refund despite their 100% refund guarantee.

Yes, I’m talking about MOBE, the massive internet business coaching scheme that was recently shut down by FTC for bilking more than $125 million from consumers. No surprises here considering how they run their business.

At this point, I was pretty skeptical about all business opportunities. It was when I turned to a local internet marketing agency, which offered a 3-day course on “how to make money online without selling anything”. Intriguing, huh?

It wasn’t cheap too, the price-tag amounted to a staggering $4,000. But since it was backed by a company with an actual back office in Singapore, I thought I would give it a shot.

It turned out to be an eye-opening experience. It was all about making money online through affiliate marketing, a concept that has eluded me up until that point of time.

To put it simply, it’s a way of making money online through referrals. You don’t produce actual products or sell inventories, instead you make commissions from selling other people’s products.

There are many ways to do affiliate marketing, and the course that I attended focused on paid traffic. Looking back, the course was extremely overpriced, and you can find the same knowledge at a much cheaper price on the internet.

If you are relying solely on paid traffic to display advertisement and generate affiliate income, you’re gonna need a huge capital to make things work. You need a lot of split-testings to see which offer converts, and which marketing angle works.

All these cost money. We are talking about thousands of dollars in marketing budget per month, and I just didn’t have that kind of money to burn through.

I went through a grueling 9 months of testing and working relentlessly on my campaigns, burning away $10,000 of my savings and making $5,000 back in the process.

At the end of the 9th month, I decided it wasn’t sustainable and threw in the towel.

The Turning Point


Well, it was an understatement to say that I wasn’t doing so well in my ventures. I was literally failing at everything I tried. At this stage, I figured I’ve lost close to $15,000 and more than 1 year in pursuit of the elusive wealth.

Around this time, I received an email from Wealthy Affiliate reminding me to set up my account.

Actually, I’ve joined this online training platform months earlier and completely forgot about it. Little did I know that opening up that email would be a turning point in my life.

Fast forward to a few months later, I made my first $100 from the internet. It wasn’t a lot, but for someone who went through hoops to get here, it was a big deal.

Within one year, I was making an extra $2,000 dollars a month outside of my main job.

income screenshot

Affiliate income from Wealthy Affiliate

amazon income

Affiliate income from

I know this may be a far-cry from what some of you expect from the internet, but this is money earned from building a sustainable, long-term income source.

And as you grow your online presence, the numbers can only go up.

What Does This Mean to You?

I dedicated this website to expose online scams and to explain the inner workings of these unscrupulous “business opportunities”, probably because I was a victim myself.

It wasn’t a good feeling when you are promised one thing and given another. I hope you can learn from my mistakes and commit to making money the right way.

This is why I aim to be totally transparent in what I write here.

Let me just get this straight – it takes hard work to make money online. There’s no other way to sugarcoat it, because you will have to spend hours learning the ropes and build your business over time.

The good part? It doesn’t cost as much as you’d expect. I’d be lying if I say you can totally do it for free, but at least you are not required to pay anything to get started.

Once you start to see money rolling in, I suggest you reinvest at least half of it back into tools and training to expand your skill set.

I’ll be writing a series of posts on the best tools and training that help me maximize my income, and I’ll be providing a link here once I’m done.

If you want to learn making money online, it’s sufficient to just get started with a free membership account with Wealthy Affiliate​ for now and go through the first 10 video lessons.

By the end of it you’ll have a good understanding on how to make sustainable income from the internet, and from there you can decide if you want to sign up for the $49/month membership and keep going.

Do note that if you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate from my site, I’ll make a commission if you decide to go premium. In return, you’ll gain access to my personal guidance within the platform.

If you feel uncomfortable with this, feel free to look up WA from Google without using my link. It’s an awesome platform and I highly recommend it no matter what.

Just get started and stop buying into shady programs. You’ll end up saving a lot of money and more importantly, your precious time.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Edward Beh


  1. Philip Kinney

    Hi Edward i am asking about boss capital i was with them for a short while i was not making any money with the broker that i had so i requested my money back guess what they sent my money to my account when i asked them ,$250.00 refunded to me is there anything else i should know about them ,they say they are from the UK what do you make of that what are your thoughts about it

  2. Sam is another ongoing scam

  3. Wai Thim Chan

    Would you care to comment on another investment scheme call Mface, please??

  4. Dawn

    Have you checked out 21 steps yet

  5. A friend introduced me to invest in SVI , a forex investment scheme. The Co have some investment and casino projects in Cambodia. what is your advise?

    • Hi Patrick, I can’t seem to find more information on the investment scheme. Is there a website or slides on their investment structure?

      In any case, I’d be extremely careful with Forex and offshore investments if I were you.

  6. PCS

    Hi Edward

    Recently i heard about MBI or M-phase thing. What do you think about this company? is it like the JJPTR too?
    Thanks in advance.

    • If you are talking about mPhase company (ticker XDSL), it seems to be a nanobattery company and it’s not any kind of scheme.

      I can’t comment much on investing into it as it’s a penny stock and I don’t look into individual stocks. Nowadays I only invest in low-cost index funds like Singapore’s STI ETF and U.S S&P 500 to diversify and reduce speculations.

      • Bang

        I believe the company he is referring to is MBI with its m-face scheme. I was approached last year to join but could immediately see that it’s a Ponzi just like JJPTR. The sad thing is that many cannot see and are blinded by promise of wealth…

        • Haven’t heard of MBI or M-face before, but the same criteria apply. If you’re approached for guaranteed, hands-off profits, better avoid it. Not even index funds and bonds can guarantee your returns.

          Also check with BNM (Malaysia), MAS (Singapore) and SEC (U.S) websites for more information about the investment firm. If it’s on investors alert list definitely avoid it.

          Thanks for the heads-up bang!

          Edit: Mface has been listed in the Bank Negara Malaysia investor alert list, so please stay away from it.

          • It’s called MBI international/M-face/MFC club. By teddy teow, according to sources he was the one who founded the red island cafe which was the same thing.

            I personally checked the BNM and MAS, there is no record of it. That is probably because no one reported it yet. Behindmlm already has a write up on it. It’s also very hot in penang because they apparently have their own mall, called the M-Mall. You should do a write up on it as well, because many are going for it. The young, the old all believe in it, praising it like a freaking cult.

            I know because people close to me are all very hyped about it

          • Thanks for the insights. Perhaps I should research more into it and do a write-up. I’ve been seeing alot more news about richway too, maybe more schemes are being exposed thanks to JJPTR.

        • Is not greed but dumb

          It originate not a scam but after fail investment it become scam just exactly like Ponzi (they do try to invest into shopping mall but fail miserly as Ponzi start with Coupon for postage stamping into scam)

          This is the only reason it is not mark by MAS or BNM (YET).

          I would love to see this bubble burst.

  7. David

    Hi Edward, what about Maxim Tader – claimed to be forex broker having licensed in NZ, ROI guaranteed, percentage depending on the package/amount you invested, range from 1K USD to 10K USD..actively in Malaysia and China market..also heard avout MaryKay company selling products of beauty and recently have a recruitment referral program also, lavishing with cars like Merc/Camry that they achieved..

    • Hi David, there’s no such thing as guaranteed ROI in any kind of investment (especially Forex). Maxim Trader and any other brokers (such as InstaForex) that offer this kind of packages do not guarantee the ROI. Read their disclaimer and you’ll find out.

      MaryKay is a multilevel marketing company, and you’ll need to purchase beauty starter kit and other products to promote to your clients (most people start with friends and family). Not to say that it can’t work, but those that achieve lavish cars are very established sellers that sell a lot of MaryKay products.

      If you have the confidence to sell, MLM may work for you. But it doesn’t work for majority of people as they simply can’t afford to pay a hefty sum for products at the beginning, and keep on hitting the month sales quota to get their commissions.

      From my own experience, the easiest and cost-effective model seems to be affiliate marketing (compared to MLM and other models).

  8. Anthony Smith

    Lots of useful information from your website!
    Looking at your profile, I find it safe to consult information about Internet Marketing!
    Keep up the useful infomation for more people to visit the blog!

  9. Durga

    Hi Edward,

    How Bout pfhsystem?

    • Hi Durga, stay away from that as well. I’ve reviewed it extensively here, and it is a binary trading software disguised as work from home job. Definitely skip it.

  10. Sam

    I just signed up with these guys, is it a scam?? I’m freaking out now

    • Hey Sam, it’s not really a scam, it’s a forex broker. In any case, I recommend you to be careful when it comes to trading forex because the vast majority of traders lose money.

      Trade only if you know what you are doing.

  11. Kathi

    I am looking at the Home Payday Vault. The marketing specialist is attempting to get me a scholarship to the one on one assistance to success.

    I am very tempted since it would assist me in growing a successful business. Is this kind of on line work that difficult?

    I was drawn in by a testimonial for this business by Cuban ? From shark tank. What would you recommend?


    • Hi Kathy, sorry for late reply. I couldn’t find more information on Home Payday Vault, and their homepage is devoid of any useful information as well.

      You should be really careful when you are dealing with opportunities that don’t fully disclose how they work. There are way too many scams online, so be careful.

      Did Cuban from Shark Tank specifically testified for Home Payday Vault?

  12. Amirul amrie amerrudin

    Hye Edward
    What do you think about the LexingtonCode and VXmarkets? Thanks

    • Hi Amirul,

      LexingtonCode is a binary trading software, and there is no profitable automated robot to date. Don’t waste your time and money with these robots.

      VXmarkets is a binary options brokers that allow you to trade binary options. I don’t recommend trading with binary options, because the odds are heavily stacked against you and it’s just like gambling.

      If you want to make legitimate money online, I advise you to take a look and understand how to start an affiliate marketing website instead.

  13. Super John

    Hey Edward,

    Super John here. Found WA through you somehow…. Very glad to know you, Sir. You seem to be giving great advice to people…


  14. star

    Hi Edward,

    what are your thoughts on QBITS- megaprofit system?

    thanks in advance big time!!


  15. Ion

    Hello, I wanted to ask you, when did you start your journey at Wealthy Affiliate?
    Thank you in advance

  16. Garroe Wah

    Hi Edward,

    What is your opinion about the “HomePaydayCenter” site? Up front $97 along with $83 to talk directly with the online guru then pay $5,000 using out of your pocket or apply credit card to join the board where you will get one on one training and they will work you through their very working system.

    • It has several key hallmarks of scams – paying $97 upfront without knowing what you’re getting, paying $83 just to talk to a “specialist” who is really just a marketer, and then getting an up sell of $5,000.

      No, please stay away from it. A legitimate online opportunity doesn’t operate that way.

  17. Terry Garnto

    Hi Edward
    What do you know of “” ?
    I had to pay 79$ to find out it would cost me 2K + 69$ month (12 months)for training. total of 3200$
    That’s on top of the regular web hosting fees of at least 180$ for 6 months and up.
    The other names associated with this name are “” and “” I think these are password protected.


    • Hi Terry,

      I haven’t looked at it, but from the sounds of it it’s a total rip-off, if not a scam.

      I’ll strongly discourage you from joining it. Anything that charges you a ridiculous amount without letting you know what’s inside should be shunned.

  18. Kabilan

    I wanted to know your opinion on citidel ltd which is a binary options auto trader. Thanks in advance

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