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Option Robot Review – Binary Option Robot Scam?

Since 2015, I’ve reviewed more than 200 online scams, and a vast majority of them are binary option robot scams.

This is a largely unregulated industry and we have new binary option scams sprouting out every single day.

If you must choose to make money by trading, I strongly recommend you to learn how to day trade manually. A good place to start is at

Even so, trading is highly risky and it is difficult to generate consistent income online.

A better alternative is to start an affiliate marketing business online. It’s free to get started, and you can grow it like a real business to expect consistent income. Over time it can even grow to 4 or 5 digit full time income that is self-sustainable.

Affiliate marketing is what helps me make $1,000 to $2,000 per month consistently, and I hope it’ll be the answer that you’re looking for as well.

No matter what you choose, don’t buy into the promises of binary option robots. It’s never a good idea to dabble with binary options at all.

option robot scamName: Option Robot
Price: $250 min. deposit

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Infinity App Review: Scam Warning!

The Infinity App, currently also known as The Unlimited System is a binary options software scam by Mark Stevenson.

In fact, Mark Stevenson is a fictitious character created just to promote the Infinity App scam. The same actor goes by different names in multiple other binary software frauds, and we’ll get to more details in the rest of this review.

For the time being, just take a minute to read this Infinity App review and analyze the opportunity rationally. Don’t get taken in by the sweet talks and empty promises, because none of Mark’s promise is coming true.

infinity app reviewName: Infinity App
Owner: Mark Stevenson
Price: $250 min. deposit

Recommended? NO, IT’S A SCAM
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Real Money Streams Review – A Scam to be Avoided

Real Money Streams found at claims to help you make an extra $7,000 a month with online jobs, but it’s just yet another online scam to get your money.

If you are considering to buy it, do take a few minutes to read through this Real Money Streams review to understand what it is all about and decide if you still want to make the purchase.

We’ll discuss some common questions such as the sort of jobs you can expect to get from the system, the real earning potential, the real costs involved, and if you’ll be getting the $50 after completing your first job?

real money streams reviewName: Real Money Streams
Owner: Chris Johnson
Price: $37 (down-sell to $17)
Price: + multiple other up-sells

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Super Sales Machine Review – Avoid This Scam!

Some readers have asked me to write a long-overdue Super Sales Machine review, so I’ve done a detailed research into it and found it to be a complete mess of incoherent sales pitches.

It’s OK if you have no idea what Super Sales Machine really is, because it’s designed to be opaque in order to confuse its victims.

I’m here to give you a clearer picture of how the scam works, so you can evaluate it properly and hopefully avoid similar scams in the future.

super sales machine review logoName: Super Sales Machine
Owner: Aaron Dankes
Price: $97

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Auto Home Profits Review – A Scam You Should Avoid!

If you found this Auto Home Profits review before making the purchase, make sure you read the whole thing and consider yourself lucky for avoiding an unscrupulous scam.

But if you have made the payment, do not despair as there’s still a chance to recover your money.

I have been a victim to multiple frauds before, so the purpose of this article is to alert you of the tactics used in Auto Home Profits scam and to teach you how to avoid similar scams in the future.

auto home profits review logoName: Auto Home Profits
Ambassador: Shelly Davis (fake name)
Price: $97, down-sell to $77, then to $47

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