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Work at Home Cash Scam Review

Work at Home Cash scam at is just another link-posting trap. If you are considering to join them, please read this review first before you proceed any further to save yourself a financial headache.

work at home cash scamName: Work at Home Cash
Owner: Melissa Mayer
Price: $97.95, down-sell to $47.95

Legitimate? NO, IT’S A SCAM
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Work at Home Cash Review


work at home scam

Homepage of Work at Home Cash Scam

Work at Home Cash by Melissa Mayer is one of the websites in a series of link posting scams we’ve reviewed before, including Work at Home Institute and Work at Home University by Bobbie Robinson, as well as Learn How to Academy by Tony Anderson.

In fact, if you visit any of these websites, you’ll notice that they have the same layout for their homepages, even the texts are exactly the same.

The Red Flags Within Work at Home Cash Scam


There are several red flags that you should look out for in Work at Home Cash homepage.

Firstly, when you arrive at the homepage, the first thing you’ll see is the big red statement that catches your attention right away. On top of that, you’ll realize that the program is released exactly today! 28 November 2015 was the day I wrote this review, you should see your current date if you’re on their homepage right now.

This is just a computer script that displays the current date. The purpose is to give you a false impression that you’ve come across a newly released make money opportunity, but don’t be fooled. This scam has been around for some time.

To check for availability of slots, you’ll have to not only provide your name and email address, but also your personal phone number, which is sensitive information. Be very careful when there are unknown websites asking for sensitive information such as credit card number and personal contact number.

In many cases, they turn out to be phishing attempts. Unless you know that the website is reputable, refrain from giving out your sensitive personal information.

However, in the case of Work at Home Cash scam, the way they handle it is even more suspicious.

work at home cash scam

Pop-up window when you try to exit Work at Home Cash homepage

Try this: If you try to exit their homepage without providing any information, you’ll be presented with a pop-up window like the one shown above. If you click “Stay on Page” as instructed, you can bypass their form and go to the next page directly.

It’s evident that Work at Home Cash wants to show you their second page (which is their sales page), and that they do not require any information at all to check for availability.

The truth is, they just want your phone number so they can make unsolicited sales calls to you and pitch you even more shady programs.

Pure Hype and Unrealistic Sales Pitches


work at home page scam

Unrealistic hypes and inconsistencies in what their claims

Most get-rich-quick scams operate based on generating unsubstantiated hypes, and Work at Home Cash scam is no different.

Did you realize the inconsistency in what Work at Home Cash claims? In the homepage (first image), you were promised to make up to $87/hr using their program. Just one page later, you are promised to make up to $379/day (by sparing 60 minutes a day, which means $379/hr) with exactly the same program!

The earnings are just some random numbers they use to get you excited.

work at home cash scam

Feeding your imaginations

Displaying desirable lifestyle and work-from-the-beach images have been proven to be an effective marketing trick to solicit impulse purchases for work-from-home scams. It’s justifiable if the opportunity can achieve what it claims, but Work at Home Cash just isn’t one of them.

Yes, the truth is, they are many people from all sorts of background earning money online by working at home. But we’ll analyze for you why Work at Home Cash just doesn’t provide a viable business model to make any money online.

Flawed Business Model


work at home cash scam

Work at Home Cash claims that there are many companies out there desperate for people to post links from home. The proposed business model is simple:

  1. Work at Home Cash provides you step-by-step training videos that shows you exactly how to make money posting links
  2. You place your links to products by big companies
  3. You use your back office to deposit money into your account

It sounds legitimate and incredibly simple when you first hear about it, but there are some large gaping holes that Work at Home Cash fails to address:

Number one: Where are you going to post these links?
Do you create a new website and start posting a bunch of links? Do you post spammy links on various forums? I’m sure you have seen some annoying links on popular forums before. Does it provide any value? Will anyone buy from these links?

Number two: Who is the one paying you money?
The big companies? Why would they want to pay you money to post some links if they don’t generate sales? Or the earnings come from the customers? Why would anyone wants to buy things from the product links you posted? I would rather visit reputable website like Amazon and BestBuy if I really need to buy something, instead of clicking on some spammy links.

The basis of a viable business model is to provide value to the customers, and give them what they need. Posting spammy links doesn’t achieve any of that.

If you really want to earn money online legitimately, Wealthy Affiliate will help you do just that. And unlike the scams, it’s free to get started.

Work at Home Cash is Desperate for Your Purchase


work at home cash scamWork at Home Cash scam is begging for you to purchase their “extremely lucrative business model”. Literally.

When you scroll to the bottom of their sales page, you are quoted $97.95 to purchase their program.

Now, for anyone what has bought into the hypes and is ready to make an impulse purchase, $97.95 seems like a steal to change your life forever.

work at home cash scamHowever, it was very obvious to me that Work at Home is a link-posting scam and I was ready to leave the sales page at this point.

So I clicked to close the window, and I immediately got a $20 off, without doing anything at all. The new price offered to me was just $77.95, and I have access to the same program that would’ve costed me $97.95 just seconds ago.

work at home cash scamAs if giving $20 off is not generous enough, I was given another $20 discount when I tried to close the window again.

This brings the final price down to just $47.95, a $50 discount from the original price. All these just by trying to close the window 2 times.

If this doesn’t alert you of a scam, I don’t know what will.

I was given discount after discount because I didn’t buy into their scam. This is a tactic to throw off those who were still hesitating to buy the scam.

People tend to get excited when they are given a discount, especially one that slashes the price for more than 50%.

Think about this: why would Work at Home Cash short change themselves by giving discount after discount if the program is really legitimate? The truth is, they simply want to get your money and give nothing back.

Should I Buy Work at Home Cash?


The answer is pretty clear, the final verdict is NO, THIS IS A SCAM!

Most victims fall prey to scams simply because they don’t know there are better alternatives out there.

If you are determined to make money online, you must use a legitimate program that will provide you proper trainings and help you build your own business. We have tried out many programs, and there is only one program we recommend to our readers:

Read Our Review of the Most Recommended Internet Business Opportunity Here.



Have you encountered any scams before? Personally I’ve fallen for a few before coming across the legitimate one, so let us know in the comments below if you have any personal experience to share!


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  1. Susan Gustafson

    Is there some way to contact them to get your money back or do I just consider it a loss??? Thank you.

    • Hi Susan,

      In most cases, you won’t get a refund from scams like these. What you can try is to find the contact email in the members area and write to them for a refund.

      But don’t keep your hopes high. It’s a bonus if you can get a refund, otherwise just take it as a lesson and move on.

      Stay safe!

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