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Home Payday System Scam Review

Home Payday System is a work at home program that promises to help you make money from home. Is Home Payday System a scam? Let’s find out in this review.

home payday system scamName: Home Payday System
Website: homepaydaysystem.com
Owner: Unknown
Price: $97.00

Legitimate? NO, IT’S A SCAM
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Home Payday System Review



The homepage of Home Payday System seems incomplete

Home Payday System is a poorly crafted scam site. Compared to its sister scam sites such as Work at Home Institute and Work at Home Cash, it’s obvious that Home Payday System is an incomplete one.

Like its sister sites, Home Payday System uses the same template for its homepage, albeit an incomplete one.

They boast they same headline in big red sentences, and even the color schemes are the same. If you want to see how Home Payday System is supposed to look like, check out the homepage of Work at Home Institute below:

work at home institute scam

Homepage of Work at Home Institute, sister scam site of Home Payday System

In comparison, it’s very obvious that Home Payday System doesn’t even bother to build a proper homepage out of the same template.

Home Payday System Links to Online Home Cash Scam


home payday system scam

Promoting 2 unrelated programs in one page

Anyway, if you disregard the incomplete homepage and enters your information anyway (which you should not), you will be brought to the sales page of Home Payday System.

What awaits you in the second page is another bland and incomplete page. Not only that, if you look closely, you’ll notice that instead of Home Payday System, you are now being offered an unrelated course called Online Home Cash.

In their following sales pitches, Online Home Cash promises you over 100 HD videos that will teach you the most important facets and techniques used in online business to make a profit.

They cover the basics of internet marketing, mindset for an online entrepreneur, making money from affiliate links, and online tools to get visitors to your links.

I’m not sure how good of a course package they provide for their price, but all of these can be learned in Wealthy Affiliate with a free starter membership.

You don’t have to pay a cent to learn what Online Home Cash claims to offer.

Pricing of Online Home Cash


home payday system scamIf you decide to buy Online Home Cash regardless of how shady it seems, it will set you back $97. To be honest, I will strongly warn you against buying it.

Not only does Online Home Cash uses a questionable way to promote their product (redirecting from Home Payday System, which is proven to be a sister scam site of many other scams), the presentation of the sales page is extremely unprofessional.

Would you trust someone who doesn’t even bother to build a complete sales funnel to teach you how to build your online business? I don’t think so.

I would stay as far as possible away from both Home Payday System and Online Home Cash.

Should I Buy Home Payday System / Online Home Cash?


The answer is pretty clear, the final verdict is NO, THIS IS A SCAM!

Most victims fall prey to scams simply because they don’t know there are better alternatives out there.

If you are determined to make money online, you must use a legitimate program that will provide you proper trainings and help you build your own business. We have tried out many programs, and there is only one program we recommend to our readers:

Read Our Review of the Most Recommended Internet Business Opportunity Here.


Have you encountered any scams before? Personally I’ve fallen for a few before coming across the legitimate one, so let us know in the comments below if you have any personal experience to share!


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  1. Amenti

    I just paid 97 for Homepayday Center there’s no one help me .

  2. Amenti

    I just paid 97 for Homepayday Center , their number is 855-781-9284 to one of their specialist who will train you, this website is having you to advertise for different companies. Is this a scam or legitimate one?

  3. Ann

    I my name is Ann and I also signed up for homepaydayvault.com. after seeing Mr. Mark C. speech online. I’ve been so busy at work that this is my first Sat. off. that I had to myself. So the email that they sent me I can’t find it. And the guy that called me set up a appt. with me and he never called me back and he is not returning my call. His name is Arin Guard at 702-546-7093 who was suppose to help me along the way. I will be calling on Monday to get a refund of $ 134.87 . at 855-836-8926 or calling my Attorney.

  4. Christopher Porter

    I to have saw the Mark Cuban interview, for a company called Home Payday Vault. I wish I had looked at this before committing my $77. I got a phone call, as everyone said today. The guy wanted all sorts of financial info. on retirement, and credit card limits. I did not give him any confidential info. His “director” is suppose to call me tomorrow. I will now contact customer service for my refund! I fill used!

    • JC

      This is for everyone that has purchased in good faith only to find out it IS A SCAM AND THEY HAVE BEEN TAKEN. FIRST OF ALL YOUR MONEY WAS. NOT RAN THROUGH AS HOMEPAYDAYVAULT. IT WAS RAN THROUGH ANOTHER NAME. Try this # and name 8556313593 Fullspeedon. Tell them you know they are a scam and you want your money back now. They will tell you that you must wait but this is how I got my money back. You did not purchase Fullspeedon and you deserve to get your money ba ck. I don’t know what Mark Cubin said but this should help don’t let them keep your money call cc company or bank find out how you were charged and the phone#. Then call. Your Cc comp or bank can help you get your money/back because this iS A SCAM I PRAY EVERYONE IS AS FORTUNATE AS I WAS TO GET BACK YOUR MONEY. You were used.

  5. Chas Brac

    I, too, paid $99 for Homepayday Center. So far, I have NOT been pressured for up-sells (maybe they changed their tactics?) and will eventually do so. I got drawn in because of the Mark Cuban interview with Forbes. Is that interview part of the scam? If so, is Mark Cuban aware of this?

    • Hi Chas Brac, do you still have the link about Forbes and Mark’s interview? Was it found on Forbes website itself? If it’s not there is a high possibility that it was forged to promote the scam.

      Scammers forge fake interviews all the time, there are even fake programs that use big names such as Warren Buffett.

    • keith

      Absolutely scammers. Marc Cuban knows nothing about it. Check out his facebook page. They took my money with a 30 day money back guarantee. I asked for my money back and they told me to call back AFTER 30 days. hmm doesn’t sound right if I have to ask for my money back within 30 days, but they won’t talk to me about it until the 31st day. Chase and Visa have been little help in getting my money back because I fell for the fraud and gave them my card info. Wow wish these guys were put in jail.

      • Hey Keith, it’s lucky to get your money back! Most people don’t see their money anymore, be careful in the future!

  6. Lori

    Has anyone else seen the email that shows Forbes/Mark Cuban recommending a site that will allow you to work from home called webpaydaycenter.com?? They have the same sort of training that shows you how to promote products online. They have you reach out to their startup specialist who will see if you qualify for coaching and you will speak with their director – something doesn’t feel right about this and further, when I tried to re-read the email, it is no longer viewable.

    • That sounds awfully similar to the MTTB/MOBE system, where they let you sign up for a small fee and contact their specialist to get started. Once you get in contact with the specialist (who is actually a sales manager) he’ll bombard you with up-sells, saying that you can’t achieve success if you are not willing to buy additional trainings that cost thousands.

      I suspect it might be related to 45 Minutes Payday scam.

      • Lori

        Thank you for the feedback – actually this site wanted $99 initially for their training an then an additional $32 for Google ad words or something along those lines. Of course, their startup specialist “qualifies” you to move up to speak with the director and he will promote the one-on-one coaching which will of course cost much, much more. I cannot find any information about this company online and I sure can’t find any online connection with Mark Cuban. That said, I think the best thing to do is to cancel my course and get a refund which they state they will offer up to 60 days. Thanks for helping us vet these companies!

    • ed

      I too have seen the Forbes interview with Marc Cuben and Susie Alterman which is why I thought it wasn’t a scam. These people would not put there name on it and risk running their reputation. I guess I was wrong because I too sent in the money.
      Now I am redirected to a sales man who would like to put me in a mentoring program ( if I am accepted by there director) for a undetermined price that is financed but i need to come up with five hundred dollars first before i am accepted. It appears that all I got for the money is an e book. Not knowing a thing about how to go about starting , I did get knowledge an information. I will check out wealthy affiliate web site for the free membership and see where this leads me.

      • Hey Ed, if there is anyone who wants you to pay before letting you know what it’s all about, by all means avoid it. There are even scams using the name of Warren Buffett, but these are not related to him at all. The scams are just using the big names to trick victims.

  7. Nolan White

    Thanks for the clue that homepaydaycenter is a scam! Wish I had researched prior to purchase! I have been had! Can you suggest a recourse?

    • Hi Nolan, try to find a contact or support email within the members area. Request for a refund and follow up with it every day if you don’t receive a reply.

  8. Carrie Ross

    I just paid 99.99 for Homepayday Center , their number is 866 399 2008 to one of their specialist who will train you, this website is having you to advertise for different companies. Is this a scam or legitimate one?

    • Hi Carrie, one of the easier ways to tell is to see if they pressure you for up-sells soon after you got started. And do you understand how the program works? Is it transparent?

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