Some of my readers asked me to look into a relatively popular make-money-online system and advise them appropriately, so here’s my Internet Funnel System review.

The Internet Funnel System, abbreviated as IFS, is actually a sales funnel itself leading you into another program called My Online Business Education (MOBE).

While neither MOBE or Internet Funnel System is a scam, you should know the full details and how the program actually works before you pay that $49 and sign up for it.

internet funnel system review logoName: Internet Full System
Name: My Online Business Empire (MOBE)
Name: My Top Tier Business (MTTB)
Owner: Ryan Mathews, Matt Lloyd
Price: $49 + $19/month + up-sells to $59,000+

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Internet Funnel System Review


internet funnel system home

Internet Funnel System has a pretty interesting sales angle

The sales page of Internet Funnel System seems like a pretty generic get-rich-quick program, but there’s actually more authenticity in this program compared to other typical online scams.

Putting aside the authenticity of his brain damage story, the program introduced by Mike is actually legitimate and has been around for many years, making some of its top affiliates a ton of money per year.

However, does it mean Internet Funnel System is for everyone? Apparently not.

Even though the success stories contained in the sales page of Internet Funnel System are real, they are extremely rare and achieved only by a tiny fraction of the members.

More importantly, Mike conveniently left out the real name of the program (Internet Funnel System is just a landing page to get into MTTB and MOBE) and the real costs required to become a member.

The real program Mike wants you to sign up for is called the 21 Steps My Top Tier Business (MTTB) program, which is part of a bigger franchise called My Online Business Education (MOBE).

It is possible to make good money with it if you already have a popular blog, a good and responsive email list, or experience in getting good traffic and conversions.

If you are a complete beginner, be prepared to shell out a ton of money (we are talking thousands of dollars) before you can even hope see your first commission.

Read the detailed review on MOBE and MTTB if you are interested to know everything about the program.

Why I Don’t Recommend Internet Funnel System


internet funnel system costs

The real costs behind Internet Funnel System

While Mike made it sound relatively quick and simple to make thousands of dollars using Internet Funnel System and MOBE program, he conveniently left out the real costs that comes with joining the program.

When you pay the $49 entry fees, you are actually paying for the 21-Steps MTTB Program, which is a series of video tutorials designed to teach you how to sell their main programs called MOBE MasterClass licenses.

MTTB series teaches you ways that you can use to promote MTTB and MOBE online. One such method is to package the program into different names.

For example, Mike went with the name of Internet Funnel System. Some other members went with names such as Online Empire Maker, My Millionaire Mentor and Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle which I have reviewed earlier.

Joining any of these programs will lead you to the same 21-Steps MTTB program, which will teach you to do the same thing (i.e. to repackage it into another name and sell it as your own).

Once you come up with your own branding and sales page, anyone who sign up via your sales page (which contains your affiliate link) becomes your down-line, and you will be credited commissions for their future sales.

In short, MOBE / MTTB operates with a multi-level-marketing (MLM) model. Some people like this model, but I know a lot more who thinks it’s a total ripoff.

Why Most People Don’t Make Money With MTTB / MOBE


mttb 21 steps

The MTTB 21-steps training program

As mentioned earlier, MTTB 21-Steps program contains a series of video tutorials that teaches you how to repackage and sell the MTTB and MOBE programs.

You will be assigned a coach (who is actually a salesperson) who will guide you through the whole training program.

At one point, you will be encouraged to upgrade into a MOBE Silver MasterClass license that costs $2,497 (which is extremely pricey for any online program).

When I bought into MTTB a few years back, my coach insisted that I had to purchases the MOBE license in order to continue the tutorials, so I abandoned the program right there and then because the price was ridiculous (it still is).

I later found out that the upgrade wasn’t compulsory to continue the tutorial. You can actually complete the lessons without buying the upgrade, so keep it in mind if you bought the MTTB program and your coach pressures you into upgrading.

However, if you don’t buy the MOBE license yourself (which costs $2,497), you won’t be able to get the commissions ($1,250 per sale) if your leads and down-lines purchase the license for themselves.

In other words, if you don’t pay $2,497 and buy the license yourself, the advertising fees you pay to promote your repackaged sales page will go down the drain since you can’t capture the big commissions.

In this case, the commissions will be passed up to your sponsor (the person who introduced you to MOBE) instead.

How Much Do You Need to Pay to Make Money with MOBE?


mobe commissions structure

The cost of starting your business with MOBE is extremely high

Most people who join MOBE severely underestimate the total costs required to run this business.

Here’s the out-of-pocket costs behind MOBE program:

MOBE license – $2,497 (with $99/month membership fees)
Titanium license – $9,997 (with $199/month membership fees)
Platinum license – $16,667 (with $299/month membership fees)
Diamond license – $29,997 (with $299/month membership fees)

You can only earn 50% commission if your leads (remember that MOBE/MTTB works on MLM model) purchase the same level / lower level of membership.

Let’s consider the scenario below.

Let’s say I’m a MOBE licensee, which means I paid $2,497 for my license. If my down-line buys a MOBE license, I earn $1,250 commission from his purchase.

However, if my down-line buys the Titanium license afterwards, while I’m only holding a MOBE license, I don’t get a cent of commission! The $3,000 commission from Titanium license purchase will be passed to my sponsor.

So, to make it simpler, if you want to capture all the commissions from your down-lines, you better buy all the way up to Platinum license. And it will cost you in excess of $29,000 (at least) in the process.

The Diamond license will be unlocked when you make certain number of sales of Platinum license, but it will cost you another $29,997 before you can start making commissions from it.

There are a whole lot of other high ticket products costing hundreds to thousands that you can earn commission from, but the structure is the same. You have to buy the license first before you sell it to others to earn a commission.

Also, notice the different tiers of membership fees in the table above. As you upgrade your membership license, the monthly recurring fees increases so you are pressured to make sales quickly.

Should You Buy Internet Funnel System?


If you run a prominent online marketing blog or if you own of a big email list with a lot of potential buyers, you may make MOBE work.

However, if you are just a beginner looking to make money online, you should give it a pass. You will lose thousands of dollars before you even start earning a cent from the program.

If you are just starting out, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as it provides a solid basis for building a long term online business, and it’s free to get started (zero risks).

It is the program that helped me made my first real profit online, which is why I will always recommend it to my readers.

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I’d love to hear from you if you have any experience with MTTB system and MOBE program, or any other online opportunities for that matter. Let us know in the comments below if you have any personal experience to share!