The Nautilus Method found at seems to provide a compelling reason to sign up with them. However, the usual questions remain – Is The Nautilus Method a scam? Can David and Yuri really be trusted? Let’s see what we found in The Nautilus Method review.

the nautilus methodName: The Nautilus Method
Owner: David Nocitra
Owner: Yuri Anischenko
Price: $200 min. deposit

Recommended? Neutral

The Nautilus Method Review


the nautilus method

The Nautilus Method uses questionable marketing gimmick

If you have been to this website and read my reviews before, you may realize that this is the first time I give a binary trading software a neutral rating.

Of course, I do give legitimate rating for programs that deserve it, but after all this while there is only a single program (Wealthy Affiliate) that I will always recommend to anyone, and that’s about it.

I’ve reviewed close to a hundred binary trading software, and I’ve given every single one of them a straight not recommended rating for the blatant scams.

So what sets The Nautilus Method apart that grants it a neutral rating?

Apart from the questionable marketing tactic of removing the sales page after 24 hours (let’s face it, it’s not going anywhere as long as there are still people signing up), pretty much everything else is legitimate when it comes to The Nautilus Method.

Let’s find out.

Yuri Anischenko and David Nocitra are Real Traders


the nautilus method

The founders of The Nautilus Method are the real deals

Now this is rare.

All too often I have to reveal the fake identities of the alleged founders for binary trading software scams. Most of them turn out to be actors from websites like, or purely fabricated identity for the sole purpose of promoting the scams.

This includes the high-profile binary trading software scams such as Dr. Steven Archer (fake entity) from Tauribot scam and Bill O’Doherty (fake entity) from Your Legacy Club scam.

To find real founders behind a trading software who are real traders is a pleasant surprise to say the least.

Check out their profiles for yourself here:
Yuri Anischenko:
David Nocitra:

Ouroboros Trading Network is a Legitimate Group


the nautilus method

Ouroboros Trading Network as per LinkedIn profile of Yuri

The Ouroboros Trading Network mentioned in the sales video of The Nautilus Method is actually a legitimate trading group that has been around since late 2013.

Not only that, they have been providing webinars and trading tutorial videos that actually instill proper trading techniques and mindset. They do encourage new traders to try out their skills with demo accounts before going live.

You can visit the website of Ouroboros at

From what I found, Ouroboros Trading Network headed by Yuri Anischenko is indeed legitimate.

Why You Should Still Be Careful with The Nautilus Method


Despite the verification of the founders and legitimacy of their trading videos, you should still be careful when it comes to investing your money with The Nautilus Method app.

Here’s why.

Discrepancy Between The Nautilus Method and Ouroboros Curriculum


the nautilus method

Ouroboros 6-week Nautilus Curriculum

The Ouroboros Trading Network do provide a Nautilus Method Curriculum focused on trading, but it is not a piece of trading software.

Instead, it is a 6-weeks long training course.

In fact, almost every single one of Ouroboros members praise them for the lessons instead of a piece of automated trading software.

For the trading lessons, I would say Ouroboros is most likely doing a good job guiding the students. But providing a piece of trading software that makes profits for its users? Can’t say we’ve ever came across a legitimate one.

Thus far we can’t find any supporting testimonial for The Nautilus Method trading software.

Pre-Determined Brokers When You Sign Up


In the sales materials of The Nautilus Method, users were promised the liberty to sign up with a broker of their own choice.

However, once you proceed to register for the software, you will be automatically assigned to their affiliated broker.


I was assigned to UTrader, a broker affiliated to The Nautilus Method. The minimum deposit for this broker is $200.

You may be assigned to different brokers depending on your country and location. However, the minimum deposit for most brokers is either $200 or $250.

It’s the industry standard.

The fact that you cannot try out the software with a demo account is a bit unnerving.

Is The Nautilus Method a Scam?


So far, we cannot conclusively tell if The Nautilus Method is a scam, therefore we gave it a neutral rating. It is clear that the founders are legitimate, and it seems like this is an effort from them to make a difference to the users.

We can only provide more details and change the rating after seeing more trading results from The Nautilus Method.

Meanwhile, if you have $200 or $250 to spare and would like to try it out, you may proceed. However, we generally warn users against binary options because it is extremely risky and behaves more like gambling.

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Have you encountered any online scams before? Personally I’ve fallen for a few before coming across the legitimate one, so let us know in the comments below if you have any personal experience to share!