Just 2 days ago, I had a few readers who alerted me of AlgoMaster System scam when they realized their trading profits are not as promised. In fact, the software decimated their trading accounts within 24 hours.

If you haven’t funded your account, please don’t. Take a few minutes to read this full AlgoMaster review and you’ll save yourself a couple hundred dollars.

algomaster scam reviewName: AlgoMaster System
Website: algomastersystem.com
Owner: James Torn
Price: $250 min. deposit

(full list of all reviewed scams)

Bite-sized review:
– AlgoMaster fabricates fake members with stock photos
– “Live Results” of AlgoMaster is fake
– AlgoMaster wasn’t featured in CNBC, WSJ and CNN
– Victims typically lose all deposits within 24 hours
– The software makes money from your losing trades

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