David Williams, the alleged owner of The Timing System promises you a free system that is guaranteed to make you money. Can he be trusted? Is The Timing System a scam? Let’s find out in The Timing System review.

the timing system reviewName: The Timing System
Website: thetimingsystem.com
Owner: David Williams
Price: $200 min. deposit

Legitimate? NO, IT’S A SCAM
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The Timing System Review


the timing system review

The truth is – it doesn’t come free, at all. And you’ll need your credit card.

The Timing System scam (yes, it is a scam) found at thetimingsystem.com has a very simple homepage. There’s isn’t much distractions except for an auto-play sales video.

In the video, David Williams, the alleged owner of The Timing System tells the story of how he developed the million-dollar software with his friend just to have it snatched away from him before launch. As a revenge, he is now giving away The Timing System for free to strangers like you and me.

Sounds compelling? Please don’t fall into the trap. David Williams is not a real person, and The Timing System has a duplicate scam site called Euro Millionaire System which we have reviewed earlier.

Read on to find out how The Timing System actually works, and the massive risks that come with it.

What is Binary Trading?


Before we proceed with the review, let’s talk about how binary trading works to make sure everyone is on the same page. You can choose to skip this segment if you already know how it works.

Binary trading is basically a simplified version of trading. Instead of reading financial news and analyzing charts, you only guess if the price of an asset will rise or fall after a short period of time (usually between 30 seconds to minutes).

This is how it works – let’s say I predict the exchange rate of EURUSD will drop after 1 minute, and I bet $50 on it. 1 minute later, if the price is indeed lower, I win a certain percentage of what I bet, let’s say 75% ($37.50). But if I’m wrong, I lose the entire $50 that I bet.

You should realized by now that trading binary options is not that different from gambling. There’s no way to predict market movements in such a short period of time, let alone getting it right consistently. How do you guess the outcome of a coin toss? You simply depend on pure luck or your gut feelings.

Guessing the outcome of binary options is the same. Even if you manage a 50% win-rate, you’ll still lose money due to the uneven winning vs losing payout. The difference in payouts is how the brokers make big money off the traders.

How Does The Timing System Work?


the timing system review

The Timing System utilizes its Trading Sentiment Tool to find out which direction the majority of traders are following. David Williams argues that you can use the “wisdom of the crowd” to make your trading decisions.

To profit, you have to follow a series of steps, which David Williams calls the progressive investment profits method that complements the Trading Sentiment Tool.

Here’s how it works in 4 steps:

the timing system review

Step 1:

Begin each trade by choosing a dominant color on the Trading Sentiment Tool, which allows you to follow the decision of most traders. Start by investing $12.

If you win the trade, you will be rewarded 77%, or a $9.24 profit. Repeat step 1.

Step 2:

If you lost your $12 investment, David Williams wants you to bet $28 in the second trade. Do the same by following the dominant color on Trading Sentiment Tool.

If you win the trade, you will be rewarded 77%, or a $21.56 profit. Go back to step 1.

Step 3:

If you lost your $28 investment, you should bet $70 in the next trade. Again, do the same by following the dominant color on Trading Sentiment Tool.

If you win the trade, you will be rewarded 77%, or a $53.90 profit. Go back to step 1.

Step 4:

If you lost your $70 investment, you should bet $150 in the next trade. Follow the Trading Sentiment Tool.

If you win the trade, you will be rewarded 77%, or a $115.50 profit. Go back to step 1.


Can you observe the pattern here? David Williams is betting to wipe out the previous losses by investing with a progressively bigger amount of money.

Even though the profit seems bigger after each step, the actual profit (after you deduct the previous losses) is negligible. You will end up taking a massive risk for a very small potential profit.

We’ll explain it below in details.

Does The Timing System Work?


Actually, the method David Williams is describing has been around since the 18th century in France, and it’s called the Martingale betting system.

This strategy has the gambler double his bet after every loss, so that the first win will recover all the previous losses, and produce a marginal profit.

The strategy will work well if the gambler has infinite wealth, but it’s obviously not the case for many of us. Mind you, the amount you have to bet increase exponentially and can make you bankrupt very fast.

I’ve done the maths and came out with the chart below:

the timing system review

The losses add up exponentially!

The increment in investment amount may seem insignificant initially. Since the idea of the Martingale betting system is to recover all the previous losses and produce a marginal profit, every subsequent bet has to cover all the previous accumulated losses.

To put it into a clearer perspective, let’s consider the table below:

the timing system review

Amounts in this table is reflected in the chart above.

Pay close attention to the required investment for the first 4 bets, as they are in line with what David William claims in The Timing System sales materials. You start with $12, then $28, then $70 and finally $150.

But what if you are having a losing streak and you lost your bet at $150? David Williams did not account for that scenario, but losing streak in binary options is more often than you think.

By then, you would’ve lost a total of $260 from the first 4 bets. If you want to recover all these losses, you’ll have to invest a minimum of $350 in your 5th bet with the hope of producing a $9.50 actual profit.

The longer your losing streak goes, the less appealing this system becomes. By the 8th bet, you have to risk $4,250 in the hope of producing a $12.50 actual profit. Are you ready for this kind of commitment?

This, combined with the fact that strings of consecutive losses actually happen frequently in gambling, can bankrupt any trader very quickly. If you think that betting on the “wisdom of the crowd” can help you prevent losing streak, think again – the majority of binary options traders lose money.

Which is to say, following the decisions of the majority isn’t the wise choice when it comes to binary trading. Your odds for every trade is no better than 50-50.

Truth The Timing System Doesn’t Want You to Know


the timing system review

The truth about The Timing System is hidden in their disclaimer.
(click to enlarge)

If you take some time to read through the disclaimer of The Timing System, you’ll realize that David Williams hasn’t been honest about the risks that comes with The Timing System.

Even though he touts the system as risk-free and guaranteed to make profits in his sales materials, David Williams admits that The Timing System is a form of gambling and holds a high risk of losing money.

If following the methods will cause you financial hardship, you are not recommended to proceed with the Martingale betting system described by The Timing System.

If you think the terms were included as a fair warning for you, you are wrong. The sole purpose of these terms is to protect the scammers from legal actions when you lose all your money with The Timing System.

If they wanted to be upfront, they would’ve warned you against the risks of trading binary options in their sales material. But David Williams really want you to use his software, so he can make money off you.

Why Does David Williams Promote The Timing System?


You may wonder why David Williams makes so much effort to promote The Timing System just to give it away for free.

stockpair logo

If you decide to join The Timing System, you’ll be required to sign up with their affiliated broker, StockPair.

David Williams and the team behind it will earn a sum of referral fees as soon as you make your first deposit. The minimum deposit is $200, and keep in mind that you must open a new broker account from The Timing System sales page to use their Trading Sentiment Tool.

Not only that, The Timing System will continue to make money off you over the long term. For every trade that you make, the scammers behind The Timing System earns a small commission. They will profit regardless of whether you make or lose money.

However, considering the Martingale betting system employed by The Timing System, you will not survive 4 losing bets right out of the gate, and you’ll have to top up your account balance in no time.

Is The Timing System a Scam?


Yes, The Timing System is a scam. As we’ve said in the review earlier, we don’t recommend binary options trading as a way to make money online, at all. It’s basically the same as gambling, and using Martingale system only puts you in even greater risks. You are essentially putting your hopes and entire investment in an unfavorable gamble.

You are more likely to end up losing all your money than making any significant profit. If you have some cash to spare for entertainment, you’ll be better off spending it on a nice dinner with your loved ones.

If you are determined to make money online, you must use a legitimate program that will provide you proper trainings and help you build your own business. We have tried out many programs, and there is only one program we recommend to our readers:

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Have you encountered any online scams before? Personally I’ve fallen for a few before coming across the legitimate one, so let us know in the comments below if you have any personal experience to share!