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Is Kyani a Scam? Updated 2018 Review

We are approaching the end of 2018, but there are still confusions and questions on the legitimacy of this company. So, is Kyani a scam?

In this Kyani review, we will run through the products and the company as a whole, before touching on viability of Kyani as a business opportunity.

kyani logoName: Kyani Products
Owner: Kirk Hansen
Owner: Carl Taylor
Owner: Dick & Gill Powell
Price: $89 to $1,299 + 100QV/month
Type: Network Marketing / MLM


Table of Contents:

  1. Is Kyani a Scam?
  2. What is Kyani?
  3. Kyani Products Review
  4. How Effective are Kyani Supplements?
  5. Kyani as a Business Opportunity
    1. Start-up Costs
    2. Compensation Plan Explained
    3. How Much Do Kyani Distributors Make?
    4. Are You Cut Out to be a Kyani Distributor?
  6. Alternatives and Recommendation


Is Kyani a Scam?


Now, a recurring question when it comes to joining Kyani as a career boils down to whether the company is a scam.

After all, it is a valid and common concern before you sign up to a multi-level-marketing (MLM) business opportunity.

The simple answer is NO – Kyani is not a scam. Nor is Kyani a pyramid scheme, because it has an actual product line to sell and generate income.

However, the way some Kyani distributors recruit and push for sales may turn people off, especially if they use false claims and fake promises.

This is a common problem for most MLM companies, but it doesn’t mean the company is in itself a scam.

With that said, it’s OK if you are not comfortable with the MLM model, or if you’re not interested in selling supplements.

There are ways to make decent income from home without recruiting members or selling products face-to-face, and we’ll get to that at the end of this review.

For now, let’s get into what you came here for – an in-depth Kyani review.


What is Kyani?


Founded by the Hansens and Taylors families in 2005, Kyani grew from a humble family-based company to a multi-million dollars company in the past 13 years.

Focusing on health and wellness, Kyani offers a range of vitamins and health supplements. This is similar to other popular health MLM companies such as Juice Plus and Shaklee.

As a business, Kyani has achieved an excellent rating of A+ on BBB website and appears to answer to every complaints. On the business front, it is a legitimate company with proven track records.

Even though Kyani has not officially published the number of members, it is believed to have at least 100,000 distributors scattered across 60 different countries.

We have seen the rise of health supplement MLM companies in recent years, partly brought about by the aging baby boomer population.

With more and more people taking their health more seriously, there is indeed a market for companies like Kyani.


Kyani Products Review


Kyani triangle of health

Kyani Triangle of Health

The main product line of Kyani is known as the Triangle of Health, which consists of 3 health supplements – Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Sunset and Kyani Nitro.

This includes a breakfast drink, night time pills, and a nitric oxide supplement.

Each of the supplement contains a unique ingredient from so-called superfood – Alaskan Blueberries (Kyani Sunrise), Alaskan Salmon (Kyani Sunset) and Nitric Oxide (Kyani Nitro).

Kyani also has a skin care system known as the Kyani Fleuresse, which focuses on skin health and rehydration.

In any case, Kyani’s Triangle of Health is the more popular product series, and you will most likely be focusing on promoting this if you decide to become a distributor.

Kyani Sunrise


Kyani Sunrise consists of what Kyani calls the protective superfood – the Wild Alaskan Blueberry.

It contains a high level of antioxidants, which is meant to protect your cells from being damaged.

According to Kyani, it is supposed to strengthen your immune system, improve digestion, enhance cognitive functions and boost overall energy levels.

Kyani Sunrise comes in three different price points:

  • Distributor price – $35.95
  • Retail price – $43.95
  • Preferred customer price – $39.95

The discounts for preferred customer price comes into play if a customer sign up for auto-shipping and auto-billing.


Kyani Sunset


As the name suggests, Kyani Sunset is a night time pill that consists primarily of Alaskan Salmon.

Naturally, it contains a high level of Omega 3, along with vitamins and trace minerals.

The primary function of Kyani Sunset is to improve cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, regulate cholesterol levels and support cognitive health.

Similarly, Kyani Sunset comes in three different price points:

  • Distributor price – $35.95
  • Retail price – $43.95
  • Preferred customer price – $39.95


Kyani Nitro


The last component of Kyani’s Triangle of Health is known as Kyani Nitro, which is a supplement made up of nitric oxide.

Its primary function is to aid absorption of the other 2 products, Kyani Sunrise and Kyani Sunset.

Kyani Nitro comes in two different variants, with Xtreme slightly more expensive than the FX version:

  • Distributor price – $59.95 (Nitro FX), $69.95 (Nitro Xtreme)
  • Retail price – $65.95 (Nitro FX), $79.95 (Nitro Xtreme)
  • Preferred customer price – $62.95 (Nitro FX), $74.95 (Nitro Xtreme)

The Xtreme version is basically FX version with added vitamins.


Kyani Fleuresse


Kyani Fleuresse is a relatively new skin care lineup that was introduced back in March 10, 2017.

It utilizes the same ingredients that we find in the Kyani Triangle of Health – mainly Blueberry, Noni, and Tocotrienol Vitamin E to combat the visible signs of aging.

Obviously, this product line is targeted towards women only, which has a much more limited market size compared to the rest of Kyani supplements.

The Fleuresse system is made up of 4 products – a Cleanser ($39.95), a Day Crème ($69.95), a Night Crème ($69.95), and a Serum ($109.95).

If it’s purchased as a package, the retail price comes down to $222.95, giving customers a savings of around $60 compared to individual purchases.


How Effective are Kyani Supplements?


Now, the effectiveness of Kyani supplements is a hugely debated topic. If you look around for reviews by different users, you will get even more confused.

On one hand, there are people who enthusiastically hail Kyani products as the best supplements ever made, and it seems to alleviate all sorts of problems for them.

On the other hand, you have frustrated users who spend hundreds of dollars on the products but never noticed any intended effects.

While it is true that taking health supplements can have varying effectiveness depending on people, you should take these reviews with a grain of salt.

A lot of hype and overly positive reviews are actually written by the same Kyani distributors who stand to make commissions if you buy the products.

Look out for exaggerated claims and recognize Kyani supplements for what they are.


kyani disclaimer

Disclaimer from Kyani on their products

According to Kyani’s disclaimer, it is clearly stated that their products have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a condition, you will need to consult a licensed health provider.

Even though Kyani has been responsible with their claims, the problem appears when some of their distributors make false claims in order to make a sale.

Be careful if someone pushes the products to you in an aggressive manner. Take Kyani products for what it is – supplements to your daily diet, not magic pills that cure all your illnesses.


Kyani as a Business Opportunity


If you plan to join Kyani as a distributor, this is where you should pay attention to.

In the following sections, we will go over the start-up costs, compensation plan of Kyani, as well as the pros and cons of becoming a Kyani distributor.

Unfortunately, the compensation plan for network marketing companies are almost always convoluted. There are just too many facets and bonuses involved.

I’ll try my best to simplify it so you can follow along.


Start-Up Costs of Kyani Distributors


If you decide to become a Kyani distributor, you will need to purchase one of the business packages below to get started. The packages and prices are accurate at the time of writing (21 October 2018):

  1. Kyani Business License$89
    This package comes with just a Kyani distributor folder and 12 months of Kyani back-office support.
  2. Kyani Fleuresse Business Pack$399
    This is for distributors who wish to go the Fleuresse route. Comes with products listed below:
    – 1 x Fleuresse Serum
    – 1 x Eye Créme
    – 1 x Go Kit 3
    – 1 x Kyani Business License
    – 6 months of Kyani PRO*
  3. Kyani Nutritional Business Pack$399
    This is for distributors who wish to go the supplements route. Comes with products listed below:
    – 1 x Kyani Sunrise 30 1oz Packets
    – 1 x Kyani Sunset 90 Count Bottle
    – 1 x Kyani Nitro Xtreme 15ml 8 Pack
    – 2 x Kyani 7 Day Triangle of Health Trial Pack
    – 1 x Kyani Business License
    – 6 months of Kyani PRO*
  4. Kyani Fleuresse Business Builder Pack$599
    Similar to Kyani Fleuresse Business Pack above, but with more products.
    – 1 x Fleuresse Eye Créme
    – 1 x Fleuresse Sample Kit
    – 1 x Fleuresse Go Kit 5
    – 1 x Fleuresse Skin Care System
    – 1 x Kyani Business License
    – 6 months of Kyani PRO*
  5. Kyani Nutritional Business Builder Pack $599
    Similar to Kyani Nutritional Business Pack above, but with more products.
    – 2 x Kyani Sunrise 30 1oz Packets
    – 1 x Kyani Sunset 90 Count Bottle
    – 1 x Kyani Sunset Packets
    – 1 x Kyani Nitro FX
    – 1 x Kyani Nitro FX 15ml 8 Pack
    – 1 x Kyani Nitro Xtreme
    – 1 x Kyani Nitro Xtreme 15ml 8 Pack
    – 2 x Kyani 7 Day Triangle of Health Trial Pack
    – 1 x Kyani Business License
    – 6 months of Kyani PRO*
  6. Kyani Premium Business Builder Pack$1,299
    This is the most expensive enrollment package that you can buy.
    – 1 x Kyani Sunrise
    – 2 x Kyani Sunrise 30 1oz Packets
    – 1 x Kyani Sunset 90 Count Bottle
    – 1 x Kyani Sunset Packets
    – 1 x Kyani Nitro FX
    – 2 x Kyani Nitro FX 15ml 8 Pack
    1 x Kyani Nitro Xtreme
    – 2 x Kyani Nitro Xtreme 15ml 8 Pack
    – 2 x Kyani 7 Day Triangle of Health Trial Pack
    – 1 x Fleuresse Eye Créme
    – 1 x Fleuresse Sample Kit
    – 1 x Fleuresse Go Kit 3
    – 1 x Fleuresse Go Kit 5
    – 1 x Fleuresse Skin Care System
    – 1 x Kyani Business License
    – 12 Months of Kyani PRO**

Kyani PRO is a training program offered by Kyani to train its distributors (or business partners) on business concepts and “One Clear Path” to building a successful Kyani business.

It comes in the form of a mobile app and is subscription-based.

*After 6 months, Kyani distributors will be charged semi-annually at $89 until cancelled.
**After 12 months, Kyani distributors will be charged annually at $99 until cancelled (only applicable to Premium Business Builder Pack).


Apart from the start-up costs, you are required to maintain a minimum monthly Qualifying Volume of 100QV (approximately $100) to stay as a qualified distributor.

QVs can be earned from buying Kyani products (such as supplements or Fleuresse cream), and it can come from your personal purchases or from your personal customers.

Up-front investment:

$89 – $1,299 enrollment pack costs + $100/month in QVs


Kyani Compensation Plan Explained


Similar to most network marketing companies out there, the compensation plan of Kyani is complicated.

Just take a look at Kyani’s compensation plan summary video below and you’ll see what I mean.

Warning: The video below is purely for informational purposes only. It is by no means an invitation to join Kyani.

As you can see, there are multiple ranks and requirements to get bonuses, but is it really as lucrative as Kyani makes it sound?

Sit tight as we go through the main compensation channels and their earning potential.


Personal Customer Bonuses


This refers to the profits and commissions you get from selling Kyani products to your personal customers.

Your customers have to register for an account with Kyani website before they can make any purchase.

Every time you sell a Kyani product to a registered customer, you make the difference between the distributor price and the retail price (refer to pricing in products review section above).

For example, your distributor price for Kyani Nitro FX is $59.95, and the retail price for the same product is $65.95. You make a profit of $6 in the form of retail profit bonus.

Retail profit bonus: $6

Each product comes with a commissionable volume (CV). As a Kyani distributor, you also receive 60% CV for each order.

This bonus is earned every time one of your personal customers purchases a product and will be paid out weekly.

Using the example above, if one bottle of Kyani Nitro FX is worth 18CV, you are entitled to 60% of 18CV = $10.80.

Customer bonus: $10.80

Total profits from the sale of 1 bottle Kyani Nitro FX: $16.80

If your combined customer order exceeds a certain quota of Qualifying Volume (QV), you are entitled to an extra bonus.

Do note that CV is different from QV, but from what I researched the CV and QV awarded for each product is roughly the same.

Let’s say that your monthly combined customer purchases is worth 750QV (translates to ~$3,000 worth of product sales), you will make an additional $100.

A monthly combined volume of 2,500QV will net you an extra $500, while monthly volume of 5,000QV will net you $1,200. Do note that it will take roughly $20,000 worth of product sales to reach 5,000QV.

Earning potential: Assuming a decent customer base and monthly sale of $3,000, you can potentially make ~$850 in product sale commissions, broken down as below:

Retail profit bonus: ~$270
Customer bonus: ~$486
Customer builder bonus at 750QV: $100

Total calculated commissions from $3,000 monthly sale: $856

(Note: the calculation above is based on the current compensation plan at the time of writing)

That’s all for retail purchase commissions. It’s difficult to make a living income from selling Kyani products alone, as you will need to attain 5-figure sales volume consistently, month after month.

As we go through the section below, you will quickly realize that the real money lies in recruiting members into Kyani.


Sponsor/Team Bonus


The sponsor/team bonus is calculated using your sponsor tree, which refers to the team-building aspect of this MLM business.

Apart from selling products, one of the core defining features of MLMs is to recruit new people under your wing and to build a team.

There are already numerous Kyani teams out there, with the more prominent ones being Team Fusion and Kyani Team World.

Whenever someone in your downline enrolls a new team member, you receive a team bonus based on the enrollment pack purchased by the new member, and your rank in Kyani.

Kyani team bonus

Kyani team bonus compensation at the time of writing

The higher your rank, the more levels you are qualified for compensation.

Based on the chart above, if you are at rank Garnet, you will be qualified for 2 levels deep of compensation.

For example, your personal recruits are considered level 1 downline. You are entitled to 45% commissions based on the price of their purchased enrollment pack.

The members recruited by your downlines are considered level 2, are you are entitled to 9% commissions of the purchased enrollment pack. As you climb higher in ranks, you are eligible for more levels of compensation.

This is why some teams aggressively market the higher-priced starter packs ($599 or $1,299) to their new recruits. An expensive enrollment pack equals to more commissions for your uplines.

My advice is this – even if you do decide to sign up as a Kyani distributor, remember to choose a package that you personally feel comfortable with. Don’t get pressured into buying a more expensive starter pack just because your sponsor wants you to do so.

More importantly, definitely don’t go into debt, or use money you can’t afford to lose on one of these business packs.


PayGate Accumulator Bonus


Initially, most of your income will come from the sponsor/team bonuses (assuming you put a heavy emphasis on team building).

As you build a larger team and qualify for monthly group-combined CV generated by your placement tree (members you have recruited and their subsequent recruits), you will unlock Kyani’s PayGate Accumulator Bonus.

kyani paygate accumulator

This is what Kyani refers to as the residual income source, and according to them, where the big money is.

There are a few concepts to understand here, so bear with me as I try to simplify it for you.

As you can see in the chart, there are 12 pay gates in total. You can substitute the word “pay gates” with “payouts”, and it will make more sense.

Now, the PayGate Accumulator is tiered-based, which means that you unlock a higher payout as you qualify for higher monthly group-combined CV in your legs.

kyani legs in placement tree

What’s a “leg”? In the MLM world, a leg refers to a particular lineage in your placement tree.

In the chart above, we have 2 Kyani distributors, A and B. For distributor A, he has 2 legs (2 lineages in his placement tree), with the stronger lineage with higher group-combined QV (30,000QV) being the Power Leg.

For distributor B, he has 4 legs, with the power leg being the lineage with highest group-combined QV of 120,000QV.

If you remember from the section above, we explained that QV refers to Qualifying Volume, which is the points attached to each product sale. A group-combined QV is the total sales volume from all of your legs. QV is also awarded when a new recruit purchases an enrollment pack.

Based on this concept, if we refer to the PayGate Accumulator chart, we can see that pay gates 1 to 7 require a specific amount of minimum group-combined QV for 2 legs, and a third leg is only required for pay gate 8 and above. The third leg can be made up of your personal customers.

To qualify for the lowest pay gate, you need to have 200QV in your largest leg and 100QV in your second leg. This translates to roughly $800 monthly sales in largest leg and $400 monthly sales in second leg.

This is usually achieved via 3 ways:

  1. Recruit more members and place them in one of your legs so you can get QV from the enrollment packs (can you see why some recruits are pressured to buy expensive enrollment packs?)
  2. Train your downlines and encourage them to recruit more members so you can expand your legs (again, this is why most teams focus so much on recruitment and enrollment packs)
  3. Train your downlines in selling more products to achieve the required group-combined QV.

In practice, this quickly dwindles down to a heavy focus on team expansion and selling higher-priced enrollment packs. A premium enrollment pack (priced at $1,299) gives you 800QV, while a business builder pack (priced at $599) gives you 200QV.

It is more profitable to expand your team and to sell enrollment packs than to focus solely on customer retail sales (which doesn’t qualify you for PayGate Accumulator bonuses).

This is why some Kyani teams completely ignore product sales in their training and focuses solely on recruiting new members (which unfortunately gives the false impression of a pyramid scheme).


Generation Check Match


As you reach rank Sapphire and above, you are qualified for Generation Check Match bonuses.

The Sapphire rank is considered an important milestone in the Kyani compensation plan, because this is where you unlock some of the high-tier benefits.

However, it is worth noting that only less than 3% of all active Kyani distributors are ranked Sapphire and above (according to Kyani Official Income Disclosure).

Anyway, according to the Generation Check Match bonuses, you are entitled to a certain percentage of your downlines’ PayGate payout once you are ranked Sapphire and above.

kyani generation check match

In this system, a generation is defined as a Kyani distributor with a rank equal or greater than Sapphire, and down to the next distributor with rank equal or greater than Sapphire.

I know this can be confusing, so let’s take a look at an illustration to help clear this up.

kyani generation check match example

In the chart above, we are looking at the sponsor tree for a Diamond distributor (top 0.2% of all Kyani distributors).

The downlines in red are considered generation 1, and this Diamond distributor stands to make 15% from their individual PayGate payouts.

Now lets go down the sponsor tree leg-by-leg. Starting from the left-most leg, we can see that everyone is considered generation 1 because there is simply no one with a rank of Sapphire and above.

As we go down the middle leg, we encounter another member with rank Sapphire and above (the Ruby member), thus the first generation for that leg ends there.

The subsequent members in that particular leg are considered second generation, and the Diamond distributor stands to make 10% from their individual PayGate payouts.

As you can probably imagine, this can potentially add up to a few thousand dollars in extra bonuses for the Diamond distributor.

However, Kyani members who are qualified for the Generation Check Match bonuses are extremely rare, totaling no more than 3% of all active distributors.


Other Bonuses


The bonuses I have described above are your main income sources as Kyani distributors.

The company do offer some other incentives, but I won’t go into too much details because they either don’t provide stable monthly income, or they are only applicable to select few individuals in the Kyani structure.

Some other bonuses offered by Kyani are as follow:

  1. Fast Start Bonus
    Achieve first few ranks within first 31 days and receive extra one-time payouts.
  2. Power Play
    Get $100 one-time bonus with 3 personally sponsored distributors (each with min. 100QV), and 3 personal customers (combined min. 150QV) within a calendar month.
  3. Kyani Dream Car Program
    This is where most of the hypes about Kyani come from, but it is only eligible for rank Sapphire and above (again, only less than 3% of all active Kyani distributors). Not only that, you still need to pay a monthly installment depending on the car you choose.
  4. Rank Bonus
    Achieve rank Emerald and above for substantial one-time payment (starting from $5,000 to $1,000,000). Even though it sounds enticing, in reality less than 0.5% of all active Kyani distributors are ranked Emerald and above.

Reality Check: How Much Do Kyani Distributors Make?


No matter how attractive the compensation plan appear to be, we always have to do a reality check before deciding on joining a business opportunity.

Now, what better way to check than to look at how much current Kyani distributors are making?

Putting aside all the hypes and promises that your sponsor give you, here’s an objective look at the earning potential for Kyani distributors:

kyani distributor income US

Kyani’s income disclosure in US, September 1 2014 to August 31 2015

The chart above is about 3 years old at the time of writing, but the figure will be more or less the same. Kyani has not provided a renewed version of the chart.

Breakdown of Kyani’s distributor income stats within this 1-year period:

  • 87.5% of distributors are active (with a purchase within past 12 months)
  • Of these active distributors, 62.2% made less than $10
  • Of these active distributors, 94.7% made <$500/month on average
  • Of these active distributors, 97.2% made <$1,000/month on average
  • Of these active distributors, 99.1% made <$3,000/month on average

Based on these statistics, it is safe to say that less than 1% of active Kyani distributors make a sustainable income month after month.

Even so, this is not just Kyani’s problem. It is a prevalent phenomenon in the world of MLM, where the vast majority of members don’t even make back what they invested in.

The large profits and luxurious life that you see belong to the select few individuals of the company, often those who have a large following and great influence.

Be vigilant if your sponsor promises you sky-high profits and an easy life. It’s not that easy to make it to the top in a MLM company – you need to be a good salesperson and a great influencer.


Are You Cut Out to be a Kyani Distributor?


Let’s face it, nobody joins a MLM company to make money for the company.

Everyone joined at some point with just a single goal – to make more money for themselves and to provide a better material life for the family.

However, the odds are heavily stacked against you if you charge in without the correct expectations and mindset.

It’s not enough to just sell the products. As we’ve discussed above, you need to consistently make 5-figure monthly sales to earn a passable 4-figure monthly income.

The money lies in recruiting members, and to recruit a lot of members at that. It’s the reality of MLM – the big money resides in recruiting a large following of members and keep expanding your sales team.

Let’s do a bit of self-reflection on whether you are cut out for the network marketing business model:

  1. Do you enjoy talking to people and introducing MLM opportunities to others? Can you take rejections with a smile and keep on pushing forward?
  2. Apart from your family and friends, do you have other ways of approaching new prospects? Don’t make the classic mistake of losing family and friends over a MLM company.
  3. Are you ready to attend weekly or monthly meetings with your team and sponsor? Joining a MLM team is a commitment. You are expected to recruit new members or make sales, or you are a liability.

If your answers to all three questions above is a unanimous “YES!”, that’s great! You most probably have what it takes to thrive in MLM companies.

I have been involved in MLMs before, and unfortunately these were the top 3 reasons why I quit and looked elsewhere.

I simply didn’t like the pressure and cult-like members who glamorize everything about the MLM companies (no offense, this was simply my personal experience).

This probably happened to Kyani as well, judging from the long list of FTC complaints against the company.

Most of the time, it’s not the company’s fault as they have displayed relevant and truthful information on their official website.

The fault lies in aggressive Kyani distributors who are willing to make false claims just to recruit a few more members or make a few more sales.


What are the Alternatives?


If your answer to any of the questions above is a definite NO, you are probably not cut out to be a network marketer.

Fortunately, there are other avenues to make sustainable side income at home. One such methods is called affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you make a commission when you introduce relevant products and services to people who need it.

There is no need to recruit members, join sales teams, or even do face-to-face selling. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing in the past 2 years and I have never had to answer to anyone, or meet any customer for that matter.

If you want to know how I got started, read about my story and failures, as well as how I made my first income from the internet.

If you are interested to get your hands on the same opportunities, I have a great recommendation to get your started with affiliate marketing.

Check Out My Top Recommendation and My Results Here


Do note that the article above contains affiliate links, and I’ll make a commission (at no extra costs to you) if you find any of the products useful and buy them.

This is how I make money with affiliate marketing, after all – by introducing people in need (such as you) to relevant and value-adding services (training to make money from affiliate marketing).

I hope this in-depth Kyani review has been useful to you. Do leave a comment if you have any questions or MLM experience to share, I’d love to hear about it!



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  1. glenda

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks for sharing a comprehensive review on Kyani Products and it’s Business Opportunities. This article is full of useful information and that I have learned so much and help me decides if this business opportunity is ideal for me. As I see it, the only way to make substantial income is by recruiting which somehow I lack the skill. I think this type of MLM is not for me.

  2. Mina Kim

    Very well written and detailed review of Kyani. Thanks for putting it all together.

    Based on your post I could tell that Kyani is not that bad to join with, the products that they offer seems to be relevant these days since, people are turning into health supplements that has natural ingredients. 

    But I don’t think Kyani is for newbie or for people who are just starting out their online business. And because it is MLM, it involve recruiting members, which I personally hate.

    For me affiliate marketing is a good alternative to earn extra income.

    Thank you for sharing and wishing you success.

    • Edward

      Hey Mina, thanks for stopping by. 

      Kyani can work wonders for people with a list of prospects to approach, but unfortunately too many people start by targeting the warm markets – their family and friends.

      This is why MLMs often turn relationships sour.

  3. Strahinja

    Hi Edward,

    I haven’t tried MLM, but some of my friends told me that they aren’t so satisfied with it. There was just one guy who was successful with it. He sells some organic toothpastes, soaps, shampoos and similar, that are some products from the East. I tried some and they are nice.

    I think that MLM experience depends on when you got in (joined), how many members are there already, how many people you know and how much are you dedicated to sell the product. Personally, I wouldn’t choose MLM because it’s just not for me, I found that Wealthy Affiliate is the thing I’ve been looking for. It seems that people in that system are more competitive, and here (WA) they are all supportive, like a community. Maybe I’m wrong, but that is the feeling I get.

    These Kyani products look interesting, but if reviews are half good and half bad, I’m not sure if they have high quality. Of course, there’s always the matter of person’s organism, everyone has unique metabolism. Somebody will like it, and there are others who won’t, which is normal.



    • Edward

      Thanks for the thoughtful comments Strahinja.

      It’s always hard to judge if Kyani’s products are definitely useful as there are so many mixed reviews out there, one might have to test it for themselves.

      Just be careful if you come across overly positive reviews, as these are may be made by distributors to make sales.

  4. Taetske

    Good afternoon Edward,

    You have written a very good and extensive review of Kyani. I think you are right in saying one has to like doing MLM to start with and then work hard to perhaps become successful. In the 1990s I tried 5 different MLMs with different results.I still am with Forever Living Products of America, one of the old MLMs on the market as I like their Aleo Vera products.

    I did 2 intensive years with them, I wrote down my time and expenses and after 2 years did the final count. When I discovered that these 2 years had cost me Euros 2000 I stopped. My rank had gone up, I had a small downline but it did not make me money. 

    I will not try MLM anymore in my life. I really think I am better of with Affiliate Marketing and working from home.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Edward

      Good day Taetske, I too have been involved with MLMs and quit after few months in.

      I didn’t keep tabs on my expenses, but I probably burned a hole as I bought starter packs as required at the start.

      The thing that kept me from going forward was the pressure from my sponsor and team to start selling products to my family and friends.

  5. Kenny

    Hi and thanks for the review of this brand. I understand from how you have described them that they are not a scam but my goodness they do charge a lot to start out with them. I would be very sceptical of anything that requires that level of investment in order to sell their product range. Thanks for this info and I hope you keep up the great work. Kenny

  6. Celeste

    Great in-depth review. Personally I don’t like this method of making money.  As you mentioned the odds are heavily stacked against you.  It seems like a lot of effort and I don’t even have a guarantee that I will succeed.  I’m curious, do they provide training for newbies? I prefer to build an online business that I have control over and that has my branding.  I’ve seen so many people sell for these type of companies and then these companies either disappear overnight or go bankrupt and your income, you’ve worked so hard for, goes with it.  I am an affiliate marketer myself and it’s a much better route to go if you really wanted to create an extra income that you can rely on with no pressure. 

    • Edward

      Hi Celeste, the training for MLMs would largely dependent on the team you join.

      Some team do provide trainings on selling products and recruiting members, while others put a heavy emphasis on recruitment alone since it makes them more money.

      It really depends a lot on your team and sponsor when it comes to MLMs.

  7. free4life

    Whew, I had never heard of Kyani before today. Your site has peaked my interest and makes me want to investigate it more. As far as the business aspect, I know from experience that there are many people who are leary of any MLM business model. If they would look at it from the business aspect and not solely from the customer point of view, then it is much easier to see that it is sound. 

    I mean to say that if you invest in something, you want to promote that item or idea. In doing so, you should well be rewarded for your time and efforts, right?

    From a consumer point or view, when you find a product that works well you want to tell others don’t you? Generally speaking you do. I see that from both aspects, it works and shouldn’t be feared or avoided. 

    Again, I will be looking onto Kyani further and may well be getting back to you about it. Thank you for the insight and I pray you continue to do well. 

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