how to creath wealth at home using free time

Learn how to create wealth at home with your free time.

There are always ways to generate more income outside of your daily 9-5 grind. In fact there are so many ways out there that we often have difficulty identifying the best way to do it.

Traditionally, people take up odd jobs after work to earn some pocket money. But in reality, while you are earning some extra cash, you are helping other people build their wealth.

If you are going to invest your time, why stop at just earning some pocket money? Today we outline how you can leverage on legitimate online opportunity to not only earn some pocket money, but to build a long-lasting asset that will continue to generate income for years to come.

The Double Edged Sword of Online Opportunities


Online opportunities are everywhere and often they are relatively easy to implement. The problem is, among these opportunities, there are always scams looming around waiting for you to take the bait.

For inexperienced online entrepreneurs, it is easy to fall into elaborate traps set up by shady companies, that promise sky high returns with minimal to no work.

“How I earn $5000 a week with almost no work”
“Earn money with a click of a button”
“Use our system and earn $1000 within the first week. Now you just pay $197!”

Sounds familiar? The internet is packed full of these advertisements. While some of them may be legit, the vast majority are not.

The hallmark of a scam is always this: Pay a fee upfront and you will gain access to a secret, member-only platform that will make you rich overnight.

Is it true? Probably not.

A Real Online Business Doesn’t Require You to Pay Upfront


too good to be true

The general rules regarding online opportunities that you must always remember are these:

  1. If the promises sound too good to be true, they probably aren’t true
  2. If an online opportunity demands that you pay before revealing the details, it is probably a scam. Steer clear of it
  3. Always read the fine prints to sniff out hidden costs if you decide to pay for a business platform

The truth is, a legitimate company that provides a real online opportunity has nothing to hide. That’s why you see most legit companies and platforms provide free trials for their services.

You can experience the services and evaluate it for yourself before deciding to keep on using it or to discard it.

That’s what I call a legitimate opportunity.

Recommended Online Opportunity Platform – Wealthy Affiliate University



Learn how to build wealth at Wealthy Affiliate University with free Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

Out of the many online opportunities out there, Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform we recommend for online entrepreneurs who want to build a long-lasting income producing asset.

We’re not only looking for odd jobs that produce pocket money here and there. If we are to spend time outside of our 9-5 grind to earn some income, we can aim higher.

We aim to build an online business that continues to generate income for many years to come, even if we have stopped working on it at some point.

And the online entrepreneur certification course on WA provides just that. It is a free education platform that attracts like-minded online entrepreneurs who want to build a business and earn more income.

Some people treat it as a full-time business, while others invest 1 to 2 hours into it daily, usually using free time after the day job. It doesn’t matter. The best thing about an online business is that you don’t have to follow the operating hours of a traditional business.

You can work on it anytime you want, and you will still see income trickling in even when you sleep.

Training and Tools Provided by Wealthy Affiliate Platform


wealthy affiliate trainings

The first lessons to kick start your online business

The certification course in Wealthy Affiliate is just a beginning to your online business venture, but it provides clear instructions and thorough understanding on how to make money online.

The lessons are well structured, with corresponding video tutorials in each lesson to enhance your understanding.

Even if you are stuck and have questions, you can always interact with the 100,000 strong community and receive help at any time of the day.

From my own experience, I usually receive help within 5 minutes of posting a question thanks to the live chat feature and the thriving community there.

Normally, when you start your own website and an online business, you have to pay for your domain name and hosting service to keep your website running.

However at Wealthy Affiliate, your free account entitles you to 2 free website along with shared hosting. To put it simply, you can register a free account and receive the following benefits:

  1. Learn more about the world of affiliate marketing where you can earn money without creating products of your own
  2. Free Online Entrepreneur Certification Course for complete newbies
  3. Free video training, tutorial training, classroom training and courses
  4. Access to 100,000’s of helpful community members with live and interactive chat
  5. 13+ full and interactive classrooms covering different aspects of your business
  6. 2 completely free websites + secure hosting

It’s All Well and Good, But Where’s the Catch?


Obviously, with all the features and promises, something have to give, right?

You are correct. You have to give your time and dedication to make it work.You won’t become rich overnight.

This is not a temporary gig or child’s play, you have to treat it like a real business and work on it consistently.

Contrary to most online opportunities that promise quick riches, this is not a get-rick-quick scheme. This is a platform for you to build an online business that pays you back for the years to come.

With that being said, Wealthy Affiliate platform does have a paid membership that provides more advanced training and tools.

For someone that is just starting your own business, stater membership is sufficient.


Starter Membership – $0

Starter membership is free and you can get started anytime.

The co-founders, Kyle and Carson provide the training programs for free to encourage more entrepreneurs start their own websites. It includes 2 free websites with unlimited hosting, and you get also instant access to the trainings, video tutorials and lessons.

Although you have the option to become Premium (paid) member anytime, there is no obligations at all. You can remain as a free member forever and keep your websites + hosting service if you want.


Premium Membership – $47/month, $359/year (36% savings)

If you decide to become a premium member, you are entitled to unlimited hosting for up to 25 websites with state of the art hosting service.

You will also unlock some premium features, such as access to extra trainings, webinars and tools that provides you literally everything you will ever need to succeed online.

If you decide to become a premium member within the first 7 days, you enjoy a 59% discount for your first month ($19 for the first month membership instead of $47).

Also, if you decide to take up an annual membership, you will pay $29.90 per month instead of $47 to bring down the costs.


My advice is to try the Starter Membership first and see if you enjoy what you learn. Dedicate yourself to completing the first 10 lessons and if you like it, I recommend that you upgrade to Premium Membership to enhance your business further, and to ensure your long term success.

Get Your Starter Membership Now

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