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Home Career Starter Review – What You Need to Know

Home career opportunities sprout one after another in this age of Internet, and it’s becoming more difficult to differentiate the scams from the legitimate programs. Today, let us review Home Career Starter program and why you shouldn’t buy it.

home career starter scamName: Home Career Starter
Website: homecareerstarter.com
Owner: Michelle Robinson
Price: $97 (down-sell to $47)

Legitimate? NO, IT’S A SCAM
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Home Career Starter Review


If you think Home Career Starter is a legitimate program that lets you work at home and fire your boss, I’m sorry to say that you are gonna be disappointed. This is but an online business opportunity scam that is out to get your money, and gives nothing in return.

If you are looking for a legitimate online job/business opportunity that can eventually replace your day job, we will reveal a legitimate program that lets you do just that at the end of the review.

But first things first, we don’t want to dismiss Home Career Opportunity without any evidence, so let’s debunk the program in this review.

home career starter scam

If you have come across Ultimate Home Profits before, you will immediately recognize the similarity between these two pages. It’s obvious that Home Career Starter and Ultimate Home Profits are duplicate scam sites, where only minimal details such as name of the program is changed. Even the logos are mostly identical.

This alone should raise a red flag. Where are there such similar pages for the same program? This happens when a scam gets reviewed and their sales dwindle, the scam artists copy and paste the entire program to another new domain, along with a new name, hoping to scam more money from unsuspecting visitors.

I won’t be surprise if we see newer programs with identical front page in the future. This copy-and-pasting process will be repeated when the new domain gets reviewed and more people are aware of the scam, driving it out of business.

So the best way to stay away from scams is to always be vigilant and look out for red flags yourself when it comes to new programs. Always be skeptical and only look for programs that let you try it out for free.

Red Flags In Home Career Starter Scam


home career starter scam

If you see the home page of Home Career Starter, you’ll realize that you need to provide not only your name and email address, but also your phone number in order to proceed.

Now, many legitimate programs out there do ask for name and email address, and that is totally normal. However, when you are required to provide your phone number without knowing much of the program, you have to be very careful. It’s extremely likely that your number will be sold to telemarketers, and you’ll receive calls from multiple salespeople pitching even more programs to you.

For the sake of this review, I keyed in my email address specially dedicated for scam reviews (I’ve received thousands of spams in this mailbox) and an old phone number that I’m no longer using.

home career starter scam

Once inside, you’ll immediately see a big red claim on the unrealistic work input vs. earning potential. This is the second red flag you should always look out for, which is the hype these scams tend to generate to force the potential customer into action.

Notice how these “opportunities” often claim unrealistic earning potential for their programs, even for inexperienced amateurs dedicating minimal work each day.

I’m not saying that these figures are unrealistic, in fact a lot of internet marketers are generating way more than this amount. However, you can’t expect to reach this amount just by sparing 60 minutes a day. Even experienced internet entrepreneur will have difficulty achieving that.

The third red flag comes in the form of “scarcity effect”. These scams often create the illusion of limited availability to once again, force you into action. Notice how the program emphasizes that there are only a few positions available, and how these positions are filling up quickly. These are just some false claims to make you jump into action straight away. You’ll see more of that later.

The rest of the page talks about how fortune 500 companies will pay you big money to post links for them, which is bogus. Link posting scams have been around for a long time, yet there are still many unsuspecting buyers fall into this kind of scam because they don’t know how a real online business really work.

home career starter scam

When you finally scroll to the bottom of the page, you will be required to pay a one-time-investment of $97. And alas, there are only 3 positions available! And of course, if I don’t sign up right now, this special offer may expire anytime and the price will skyrocket to about $500.

Seems like I’m in for a golden opportunity, eh?

So I proceeded to the payment page just to see what they have to offer. Well, no surprise here. Pay $97 and I’ll gain access to their home career program instantly. Just when I was ready to close the browser window, to my surprise, I was given a special discount!

home career starter scam

Apparently I qualified for FRIENDS AND FAMILY DISCOUNT just by trying to navigate away. Even though I’m not sure how they came up with random friends and family discount, but hey, now I only have to pay $77, instead of the already-discounted price of $97!

home career starter scamSeems like an irresistible deal? Not so fast. I attempted to navigate away a few more times and guess what? I was able to slash the final price down to just $47!

If you think this is a good deal, think again. If the program is really that valuable and running out of positions fast, why would the owners of the program short-change themselves by giving incessant discounts?

This is just a tactic to entice me into buying the program because I wasn’t sold. People tend to get all excited when they are offered discounts, and think that they are getting a good deal. Unfortunately, Home Career Starter just isn’t one of the good deals.

Should I Buy Home Career Starter?


The answer is clear. The final verdict is NO, THIS IS A SCAM!

Most victims fall prey to scams simply because they don’t know there are better alternatives out there.

If you are determined to make money online, you must use a legitimate program that will provide you proper trainings and help you build your own business. We have tried out many programs, and there is only one program we recommend to our readers:

Read Our Review of the Most Recommended Internet Business Opportunity Here.

Have you encountered any scams before? Personally I’ve fallen for a few before coming across the legitimate one, so let us know in the comments below if you have any personal experience to share!



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  1. Alex

    Hello Edward,

    I came across Home Career Starter in the past but never pulled the trigger in purchasing the product. The turn off for me was that I had to provide my email and phone number, something that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with. I just went with my gut and decided not to go for it. I pondered for a fleeting moment if maybe I missed out on a great opportunity but then never looked back

    It has been a while since I thought about it. I guess my gut instinct was correct. I’m glad I dodged a bullet there. I appreciate the insight you provide here. This can absolutely be helpful for someone that was like me that was looking to purchase something in hopes to earn income.


  2. Stuart

    Hi Edward, thanks for revealing this scam and showing us what to look for when determining if a product is a scam.

    I will always look at a product with a jaundiced eye when the say start throwing around phrases such as: “start earning immediately” or “limited number of spots.”

  3. Stanley

    Good review on Home Career Starter.
    Thanks for educating and sharing with us your in-depth knowledge on this online firm.
    I believe many of us have come across some scam companies like this and we truly need people like you to continually expose them so that the readers can benefit by learning from your reviews.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ananomyx

    you definitely have a good review here. Thanks for all the information concerning home career starter. I was not aware of a lot of the stuff you covered such as not giving your number to others, and this unfortunately happened to whoever had my number before me, and as a result I get a lot of random calls. Thanks for this information!

    • Edward

      Unfortunately there’s nothing much you can do once they have your number. What you can do is to add your number to National Do Not Call Registry, but even that will not filter out all the unwanted calls.

  5. Hi Edward , great website . Its quite apparent from your blogs that you enjoy reading financial topics . Your approach to wealth building is a good one . It is so true that we receive NO training about this very important subject at school . Your website is very well organized and contains many informative blogs . I will return again soon to read more of your well written reviews . Thanks for the great read and keep up the good work . You are well on your way to financial success .

  6. Matthew Thomas

    Just out of curiosity, what exactly does Home Career Starter have to offer once somebody signs up? Are there any benefits at all or is it simply a cash-grab that offers absolutely nothing in return?

    The red flags you’ve mentioned above are definitely worrisome. When you see a service that only lasts for a year or so and then pops up again with a different name, you most likely have a scam on your hands. This just means the first name built a horrible reputation and the owners attempt to get away from that with a name change. Unfortunately, this results in more scam victims.

    I also don’t like some of their other marketing tactics, like saying “within minutes you can be making real money!”. I mean come on. And consistently offering you better deals for joining every time you try to navigate away? Seems a bit too desperate to be a legitimate opportunity. I appreciate this review and hope it helps people avoid Home Career Starter and similar programs in the future.

    • Edward

      Hi Matthew, I didn’t sign up for it after seeing all these red flags, but unfortunately one of my buddies got scammed by Ultimate Home Profits, which I imagine would be similar to Home Career Starter since they are basically the same program.

      Basically you’re given a list of affiliate links and asked to build a simple website and start posting links on it, hoping that people will buy the products. Very pointless if you ask me.

  7. Christine

    I found your review of Home Career Starter very thorough and informative. I know from your review exactly what to look for to warn me away from scams. I think it’s these types of scams that unfortunately cause a lot of people to give up on pursuing a legitimate online business.
    I will definitely check into your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliates further.

    • Edward

      Hi Christine, glad you find it helpful! Yeah it’s unfortunate these scams are usually the ones that get more exposure.

  8. Julian

    I enjoyed your review on home profits review and how when a site asks for your phone number typically it is a scam. Especially when a lot of information has not be given. The one recommendation I would have for you is to include a little more color on your site or pictures with the review.

    • Edward

      Hi Julian, thanks for dropping by! Yes you have to be especially careful if the site is a “make money quick” website and it’s asking for your phone number.

      Thanks for the recommendation!

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