blazing trader scam review

Blazing Trader Review – Another Auto Trader Scam

Just days ago, I received emails from my readers alerting me of a relatively new Blazing Trader scam. Every single one of them lost a couple hundreds of dollars to the trading software, so don’t be the next victim.

If you are still considering to sign up for it, make sure you read this full Blazing Trader review before you go ahead. This article might just save you a few hundred dollars.

blazing trader scam reviewName: Blazing Trader
Owner: Johan Strand
Price: $250 min. deposit

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Bite-sized review:
– Johan Strand is an actor hired to promote the scam
– Fiverr spokespersons hired to record fake testimonials
– Truth behind the scam is hidden in the disclaimer
– The trading software makes money from your losses

Blazing Trader Review


blazing trader scam review

Blazing Trader giving irresponsible guarantee

The alleged founder of Blazing Trader software, Johan Strand claims to be a former professor of mathematics who has developed a binary trading software that makes profits automatically.

Just like any other online scams out there, Johan claims that his system is totally free, which is an obvious lie.

Take a look at the email below, sent by one of my readers who lost $250 within 24 hours of trading with Blazing Trader app:

blazing trader scam review

All trading fund was lost within a day

If you encounter online opportunities that sound too good to be true, it’s better to do some thorough research before paying for them. They are most likely scams.

With that said, there are ways to find out if an opportunity is a scam without having to pay for it. I’ll show you some evidence to prove that Blazing Trader is a scam.

Johan Strand is a Hired Actor


blazing trader scam review

The same actor was featured in another online scam with different identity

I found “Johan Strand” familiar when I was investigating Blazing Trader scam.

Upon checking my past reviews, I found that he was featured in another scam called Polygraph Millionaire.

While he introduces himself as “Johan Strand” in Blazing Trader, he identifies as “Daniel Wilkins” in Polygraph Millionaire scam.

Apparently, he is a professional actor who was hired to present these scams. In fact, hiring actors and actresses to promote online scams is more frequent than you think.

I’ve reviewed other online scams that used the very same tactic to appear legitimate, such as Instant Cash Club and Dubai Lifestyle App frauds.

Fiverr Actress Hired to Record Fake Video Testimonial


blazing trader scam review

Actress was hired to record fake member testimonial

Towards the end of the sales video, we can see a few video testimonials that invariably give very good reviews for Blazing Trader software.

Knowing the huge number of fake testimonials on the internet, I conducted a background check on these featured members.

I found that “Marla” from Croatia was actually an actress hired from a freelancing website, for a fee. These semi-professional spokespersons sell testimonials for a living.

blazing trader scam review

Gig description for this Fiverr actress

Let’s take a look at the Fiverr gig description of the actress above, where she sells a piece of video testimonial from $5 onwards.

The clients (in this case the scammers behind Blazing Trader) provided her with a script, where she reads in front of the camera as if it’s a piece of real testimonial.

What you see in the video wasn’t a real testimonial. This Fiverr actress was just reading the script provided by the scammers. She has never used the software, much less profiting from it.

Following this revelation, I’ve done the background check for all the members featured in these video testimonials, and every single one of them turned out to be a Fiverr spokespersons.

I do not condone or condemn the act of buying and selling fake testimonials, but I want my readers to be aware of this – that fake testimonials can be bought from the internet extremely easily.

Besides, if there are real members who are satisfied with the performance of the software, Blazing Trader fraud wouldn’t have to buy fake testimonials to promote the scam.

Guarantees Given by Blazing Trader are Fake


blazing trader scam review

Blazing Trader clams to be a guaranteed get-rich-quick software

I’ve reviewed more than 100 binary trading softwares, and each of them claims to be the only miracle software that can guarantee your profits. However, none of them have worked as advertised.

They throw out fake guarantees like free candies, and you should be vigilant enough not to succumb to these lies.

As much as Blazing Trader scam wants to keep you in the dark, they have to reveal the true nature of the scam somewhere in the website. They chose to hide the truth in the risk disclaimer found at the bottom of the sales page.

blazing trader scam review

The hidden truth in Blazing Trader’s terms and conditions
(click to enlarge)

Much like the hidden terms and conditions of some hideous products, Blazing Trader is hiding the truth behind the risk disclaimer above.

I’ve underlined the critical terms in the screenshot above, but allow me to write them down and interpret them here:

  1. Clearly understand this: Information contained in this product are not an invitation to trade any specific investments.
  2. Trading requires risking money in pursuit of future gain. That is your decision. Do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose.

Just from these 3 terms alone, we can understand the true nature behind Blazing Trader scam:

  1. Despite coercing you to sign up for the “free” money-making software, Blazing Trader denies inviting you to trade binary options.
    Note: Frauds that promise unrealistic returns like Blazing Trader are illegal in many jurisdiction. If they do not include this clause, they are deemed to illegally coerce you into signing up for the scam.
  2. Blazing Trader admits that trading binary options is extremely risky, and it’s your own responsibility if you decide to sign up and lose all your investments.
  3. NO REAL TRADES HAVE BEEN EXECUTED using Blazing Trader software. All profits quoted in the sales material are fake.

What about the profits shown in the sales materials? Of course, they are just fake profits used to entice you into signing up for the scam.

How Does The Scam Make Money Off You?


If you decide to sign up for Blazing Trader app, you will be required to open a new broker account with their partner brokers, which are unregulated by monetary authorities.

Once you fund your trading account with at least $250, the software will be activated to generate automated trades on your behalf.

However, it is just a generic binary trading robot that make random trades for the users. Victims typically lose all their deposits within hours of activating the software.

The losses are pocketed by the broker, which is then shared with its partner-in-crime – the scammers behind Blazing Trader system.

In the end, internet users like you and me become the sole losers in this complicated fraud, while the scammers make a handsome profit with our trading deposits.

So, Is It Possible to Make Money Online?


BLAZING TRADER IS A SCAM. I strongly advise you to stay away from the scam if you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money.

You’ll be better off spending that $250 deposit for a nice dinner with your family than wasting it on a scam like this.

If you want to make money online, there are much better alternatives than trying your luck with binary options:

Read Review of the Most Recommended Internet Business Opportunity Here.


Have you encountered any online scams before? Personally I’ve fallen for a few before coming across the legitimate one, so let us know in the comments below if you have any personal experience to share!


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    Thank you for laying out the evidence here! I was nearly convinced by all the testimonials and turns out there are all fakes! Can’t thank you enough!

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