legitimate ways to make money online

3 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

legitimate ways to make money online

Let’s look at the 3 best legitimate ways to make money online.

Whether you are an employee or a small business owner, it pays to learn some legitimate ways to make money online, where opportunities are plenty and earning possibilities are limitless.

Monetizing your expertise – whether by freelancing or starting a profitable blog, can often be done with just a laptop at the comfort of home. Most of these gigs start small, but some can grow into full time businesses that replace day jobs.

Be aware though, there are a lot of scams looming around. To avoid scams, make sure you steer clear of programs that make unrealistic promises. Be skeptical when a program wants you to pay up before disclosing how it works.

With that said, today we will look at some free and legitimate ways to make money online. Keep a schedule and work at one consistently, and you will soon realize there are ways to earn real money online.



For many people, a personal blog is nothing more than a platform to document memories and express their feelings. Some bloggers may amass many readers, while others are contented with having a few friends that follow the blog once in a while.

But did you know that many bloggers make blogging a full time business and earn way more than their previous day jobs? For instance, popular blogs like Mashable.com is estimated to make more than $15,000/day.

I know, running a blog like that may seem too daunting a task and impossible for someone without prior experience. But the internet is large enough for small blogs to thrive, too. You may not earn $15,000 a day, but earning an extra hundred to few thousand dollars a month wouldn’t hurt, too.

Granted, you have to be willing to learn and treat it like a real business for it to work. Running a blog is all about consistent effort, but most people can manage it with just 1 to 2 hours a day while holding a day job.

The best thing is, you can watch your blog grows day after day, and see your revenue increase steadily. If you are ready to start your own business but need a step by step guidance, read our best rated article – How to Make A Free Website.

Online Surveys


Online surveys have been around for a long time, and it’s a perfect side gig if you have a few minutes to spare here and there.

Many companies are willing to pay to find out what consumers think about their brand. To get this, they put up their surveys at sites like GlobalTestMarket.com for consumers all over the world to take part and provide feedback.

To get the full list of legitimate online surveys sites that I have used previously to generate $233 in a month, read Top Paid Survey Sites that Really Pay.

Although taking online surveys can generate you a small fortune over time, it can become tedious and repetitive fairly quickly. I have since moved to blogging to create a more sustainable income, and to gain satisfaction watching my own online business grow.

With that said, you can still take part in surveys during your free time – when you are in a queue, in a transit, or even when you are bored in the toilet. You get the idea.

Taking surveys once in a while can be fun and rewarding, just don’t expect to become filthy rich from it.

Freelancing / Micro-gigs


If you have a specialty such as building WordPress websites, you can offer your services online as a freelancer and earn some good money from it. Many small business owners look for freelancers online to free up their time.

Even if you think you don’t have any extraordinary skills that are marketable, you will be surprised to know that there are actually tasks you can perform to earn a few bucks here and there. Gigs such as drawing a picture, designing a logo, transcribing a video, and making short document translations are aplenty.

Fiverr.com and Zaarly.com are 2 task marketplaces you can offer your services on. At Fiverr.com, you earn $5 for each gig you successfully complete. Zaarly.com has a storefront in San Francisco, but it has workers performing online tasks all over the U.S.

In the worldwide marketplace of today, your skills can be used for anything, literally. However, keep in mind that you are competing against freelancers from around the world, including those from developing countries who are willing to work for pennies.

The Bottom Line


There are numerous ways to earn an honest income online, but not all opportunities are created equal.

If you are just looking to kill some free time and earn a few bucks now and then, taking online surveys may prove to be an interesting and rewarding past-time.

If you like to try out different side gigs, offering your services on micro-gig sites or becoming a freelancer can be a viable option.

If you are looking a build a serious long-term online business with big earning potential, blogging is the way to go.

Of course, online opportunities with a bigger earning potential will require more effort and determination from you. Fortunately, all the opportunities discussed in this article can be started with no capital at all. So pick one and get down to work!

Do you earn money online? We’ll happy to hear about it in the comments section below.



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    Thanks for sharing your knowledge here.

    • Hi there, thanks for dropping by. Micro gigs are basically small freelance projects that are posted on sites such as Fiverr.com. They generally come with a set price and can be easily purchased by clients.

      Some easy examples would be article submission or translation gigs.

  4. All the 3 ways to make money online are solid and straight to the point. I have done all 3 plus more and the one that comes out as the winner is blogging.

    I have managed to use my passion to create my website with the help of Wealthy Affiliate and it is just the best decision that I have made online so far.

    To be honest, it takes time and work, but the best thing is that I am creating a business and we all know that a business will take time to grow.

    Thank you for sharing this article and I sure do hope that many others will take the path to blogging to earn a consistent income online.

    All the best to you and your website.


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